Critical Carl, meet Critical Carla

By February 4, 2014Uncategorized


Since refreshing the Critical Mention web site in January, questions started flowing in about those loveable orange and blue characters atop our splash page.

First off, the colorful avatars have names.  Critical Carl is the bald dude.  Critical Carla, who’s pictured taking a walk on the beach with Carl in our new Valentine’s Day creative, has a lovely head of brown hair.

We’re still trying to ferret out whether the inspiration behind Carl and Carla was, perhaps, gingerbread men.  Another school of thought is that our designer spent her childhood with Fisher Price Little People, or learning to draw using a wooden human mannequin.

Tell us what you think?  Are Carl and Carla robots? Visitors from another planet? Or just PR pros like you who used Critical Mention so often they’ve worn down their fingers?  The best answer posted to our Facebook page gets a personalized and framed print of Critical Carl and Critical Carla.