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Transforming your Negative Mentions and Comments into Positive Results


Negative comments or reviews can feel be discouraging for any brand, however, they provide companies with opportunities to showcase their responsiveness and customer appreciation. If negative reviews are responded to appropriately, they actually have the potential to spin-off into positive results for your business.

Demonstrate your care with timeliness

One of the key practices to transforming negative feedback into positive results is to respond promptly. A response that is written within 24 hours of the negative mention shows your willingness to listen and take note, while also demonstrating your genuine interest in improving the experience between the reviewer and your brand. So it is important to make sure you can track your mentions in real-time because it is impossible to respond to feedback you don’t know exists. Whether it’s a Tweet or a Facebook comment, people who provide feedback ultimately want to be heard. So, it is critical to respond right away, but also to provide a response that is empathetic and understanding. The goal is to deliver a message that either provides a solution to the reviewers’ negative experience or offers a way for the customer to reach out to somebody at your organization directly.


Opportunity to demonstrate customer appreciation

The best way to look at negative mentions is to acknowledge them as an opportunity to demonstrate the level of care your brand takes in making sure the customer’s interest is always a priority. It is essential that your response addresses the specific points brought up in their feedback. If not addressed, your brand may come off as one that isn’t open to listening and learning how to make customer experiences better. Use the opportunity to highlight how you can enhance the customer’s experience and how you’ll ensure no other customer goes through that same experience because of the measures you will start to take place thanks to their feedback.


Chance to showcase upcoming improvements

If you receive unsatisfactory feedback from an unhappy customer but the issue at hand is something that will soon be fixed, respond by letting them (and the people who read your response) know that your brand is already in the process of making improvements. Not only are your responses for the people who write them, but they can also help influence whether or not prospective clients choose to do business with your brand based on your customer support.

There may be times where customers might not be aware of your brand’s latest improvements, and they could complain across social media that your brand doesn’t provide a service it does in fact offer. If you ever encounter any negative feedback that states incorrect comments about your brand, you can do either of the following:

Public response – Be positive and informative when publically responding with the correct information
Private response – Personally message them to share the correct information and kindly ask them to remove or edit their review/comment

In addition, having access to a media contact database allows you to quickly search for the contacts that can help uplift your brand and influence your audience before the negative mention continues to unravel and make its way to other people interested in partnering with your brand. Plus, if you receive negative feedback from a highly accredited source or media professional, it may be difficult to access their contact information and reach out to them without the help of a database. This could be a missed opportunity for allowing others with great influence in your industry to help elevate your brand’s name by turning your negative mentions into positive results, so make sure you have a reliable media contact database in your toolbelt.


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Priscilla Osorio

Senior Marketing Manager, Critical Mention

Priscilla is the marketing coordinator for Critical Mention. Early on in her career, she developed a passion for marketing, writing and anything within the communication field. During her leisure time, she loves to watch her favorite sports teams and explore new restaurants with friends and family.