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Licensed Content

Unlock Subscription Paywalls and Access Print-Only Content from Worldwide News Sources and Industry Trade Journals.

Licensed Content print monitoring behind paywalls dashboard

See Behind Paywalls

With Critical Mention’s Licensed Content offering, you can access paywalled content from some of the world’s most prominent publications, all from inside the platform.


  • Track stories from the most widely-read periodicals in the world

  • Access respected industry and trade journals

  • Pull reports on your brand’s earned media coverage anywhere

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Access Premium
and Print-Only Content

Combined with Critical Mention’s Social Media, Online and Broadcast Media Monitoring, Licensed Content gives PR and communications pros the ability to track coverage anywhere.


  • Licensed news, international sources and business publications across a variety of languages

  • Magazines and program transcripts from major global news networks

  • Hundreds of company and industry sources

  • Print-only stories from thousands of publications

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Popular Trade Publications

Looking for the content sources that matter in your industry? With licensed content, you get unfettered access to thousands of popular trade publications and journals across verticals like finance, law, media, medicine, business, technology and more.

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