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5 Steps to Creating a Strong Brand

By February 25, 2022Public Relations

Telling stories that provoke engagement and resonate with desired audiences is a surefire way to create a strong brand. No matter what type of brand you’re representing, it’s important to create compelling messages and content to hold your audience’s interest.

Always Have a Backup Plan

“Unprecedented times” has been a looming term that has affected many companies and organizations throughout recent years. Revenue generation tactics needed adjusting and marketing strategies have been shifted to improve messaging to their audiences in a time when digital communications and influencer marketing are more important than ever before. For example, The Wall Street Journal reported McDonald’s has created a loyalty program and advertised a series of combo meals that were backed by top artists such as Travis Scott, BTS and Saweetie to increase sales and attract more customers. The pandemic was an unforeseen circumstance, but the Golden Arches’ quick solutions are great examples of distinguished backup plans.

Offer Something Unique

A strong brand should offer something that distinguishes it from competitors. Exclusive offers, a-la-carte items, and premium plans are a great way to step away from the norm and offer something unique to your audiences. In 2020, NBCUniversal strengthened its name by launching Peacock, a streaming service with three subscription plans, to their list of TV & Streaming brands. What’s most fascinating is the creation of their exclusive Peacock Originals series that provides a collection of originals such as One of Us Is Lying, Girls5eva, and more. Originals have been seen across many streaming services and they’re a great example of how to reel in customers, so Peacock offering that in their own way is an excellent case in showing how to follow a successful blueprint and make it your own.

Keep Doing What Works

Once you find something that truly works for your brand, stick to it. It’s important to continue to make efforts to grow your audience by additionally seeking out new approaches, all the while maintaining a consistent strategy and message. A great example of this is the Wheel of Musical Impressions on NBC Universal’s The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, where Fallon and his musical guests partake in an entertaining singing challenge. This skit is a popular one among fans, so it has been running for years. However, additional skits are constantly being introduced to see if they stick, while the successful ones remain as a part of their production for some time since they are most popular with audiences. Learning from trial and error while analyzing audience metrics will always help guide you to finding what works for your brand.

Know Your Audience

The best way to identify your core audience is through data such as audience values, publicity values, user analytics, session analytics and additional metrics that hone in on who’s interacting most with your content. If your content is spread throughout a global scale, you should be able to track and analyze mentions by country. This could be helpful for major corporations, especially those trying to branch out into new geographic regions so they can easily identify how new campaigns are performing and adjust accordingly. Another great way to get a better glance into what your audience likes and dislikes is by tracking Word Cloud metrics to see what related words are trending with your brand.

Perfect the Art of Storytelling

One of the key components every successful brand has is excellent storytelling. Whether you’re selling a product, trying to bring publicity to a public figure or attempting to get more eyes on your organization, you have to be entertaining, thought-provoking and relevant in order to truly captivate your audience. Porter Novelli, an award-winning, global purpose communications consultancy, is a prime example of a firm that brings stories to light by understanding its clients’ audiences, brands and environments through their research process. For example, Porter Novelli partnered with ALS Association to raise awareness of the illness. Through their partnership, they raise approximately $220 million across the globe. Powerful storytelling builds your brand’s credibility and helps form meaningful connections with prospects and clients.

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Priscilla Osorio

Senior Marketing Manager, Critical Mention

Priscilla is the senior marketing manager for Critical Mention. Early on in her career, she developed a passion for marketing, writing and anything within the communication field. During her leisure time, she loves to watch her favorite sports teams and explore new restaurants with friends and family.