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Podcast Monitoring

Track your mentions across thousands of the world's top podcasts. Get real-time alerts for mentions, access text transcription and edit clips.

Podcast monitoring dashboard and screenshots

Monitor Thousands of Popular Podcasts Across any Industry

  • Monitor podcasts across a wide variety of verticals including news, politics, business, entertainment, healthcare and more

  • Download and edit podcast clips in the Wordplay tool

  • Access clips at any time with Critical Mention’s unlimited cloud storage

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Receive Real-Time Alerts for Podcast Mentions

  • Organize mentions by setting real-time and/or digest alerts

  • Get notified of podcast mentions within minutes of publication

  • Search keywords in any episode with best-in-class speech-to-text

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Include Podcast Mentions and Analytics in Reports

  • Easily save your favorite clips and transcripts to reports

  • Get complete picture of your earned media by including podcast data alongside broadcast, online and social media analytics

  • Use sentiment analysis to understand the context of podcast mentions

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Submit Requests for New Podcasts

  • Need a specific podcast added? Use the simple “request a podcast” feature from right inside the Critical Mention platform

  • Get unlimited training on the new podcast monitoring feature or anything else from your dedicated account manager

  • As always, Critical Mention support is available 24/7/365

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How Many Mentions are you Missing?

Find out now

How Many Mentions are you Missing?

Find out now

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