Why CES stands for ‘Companies Embracing Sustainability’

As CES takes over mainstream and social media this week, we turned to a sustainability expert who has counseled hundreds of brands on how to stand out at the world’s biggest consumer tech event.

Susan McPherson, who helps organizations amplify their social impact, believes emerging companies and large corporations looking to get ahead can no longer exist solely on their products alone. They have to represent something greater than their brand to gain recognition and the literal and figurative “followers” to maintain growth and profitability.

“In today’s world, it is not only possible, but it is actually a requirement for technology companies to be eco-friendly,” says McPherson, adding that tech giants like Cisco, IBM, Intel, Microsoft and Nokia have demonstrated how embracing sustainability has helped their bottom lines.

“I think if it’s truly authentic, a company could really benefit from pulling out of the trenches and using CES as a platform from which to be showcasing environmental initiatives that the company is pursuing,” she said.

In the video, McPherson also offers advice to PR professionals trying to leverage CES on behalf of their clients.

McPherson built her brand as a technology communicator over a 20-year career that included senior marketing, strategic and CSR roles at PR Newswire and Fenton Communications. She is a contributor to Harvard Business Review, Forbes and Huffington Post, and a respected adviser to start-ups and nonprofits and foundations. Her consulting firm, McPherson Strategies, is based in Brooklyn.

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