TMZ media tracking shows lack of attribution

TMZ, the well-known celebrity news website, publishes several exclusive stories each day. The stories, covering a range of celebrity news and entertainment are widely syndicated. When a story begins to trend, or go viral, media outlets and social media accounts continue to syndicate, or “distribute” the news.  As news begins to trend, the attribution to the story’s source begins to decline at an alarming rate.

Taking a sampling of the latest viral TMZ exclusive story, Jay Z Physically Attacked by Beyonce’s Sister, the Critical Mention media monitoring tool identified a trend in the lack of attribution to the source, TMZ.  Out of 611 television mentions that included Beyonce’s Sister, Jay-Z, or Solange, Critical Mention uncovered only 144 mentions that included TMZ within 60 seconds of the story on May 12, 2014. That’s only 24% attribution.

Surprisingly enough, TMZ itself was only mentioned 329 times on the same day the exclusive story was published. That’s a rate of only 54% of TV stations citing TMZ with their exclusive story.

Here’s sample media from KAMR, an NBC affiliate out of Amarillo, Texas, that accurately cites TMZ in their broadcast coverage: