Selfies Added to Television, Merriam-Webster Dictionary

The term, “selfie” is starting to trend on television. On May 19, 2014, there were more than 1,530 mentions of selfie on TV.  Comparably, there were only 129 selfie mentions across global television for all of Sunday, March 18,2014.

It was an important day for the term. On Monday, Merriam-Website officially added the word selfie to its dictionary.  According to the entry in Merriam-Webster, a selfie is an image of oneself taken by oneself using a digital camera especially for posting on social networks. The first known use of selfie was in 2002.

Besides officially being introduced into the dictionary, the term “selfie” is trending across the media. For example, In San Diego, a firefighter posted a selfie to the Facebook page of Plan 9 Alehouse. The picture, shown here, has been liked 35,000 times and has 4,000 comments. The business page, with 3,000 total likes, is being talked about by more than 62,000 people on Facebook.

Outside of Facebook, the “firefighter selfie” has been mentioned more than 397 times on television.

From a professional standpoint, some television programming is starting to encourage selfies for brick-and-mortar promotions. NewHomeSource.TV encourages viewers to take a selfie in one of their promoted showrooms. Viewers can then submit selfies for a chance to win $500.  This promotion is an easy ad verification system, encourages increased engagement, and most importantly, gets viewers into stores.

With more than 14,000 on-air mentions of selfie in the past 30 days (viral was mentioned 19,000 times in the same time period), it looks like the word is culturally relevant and here to stay.