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By July 21, 2015Big Data

In our last post, we gave you the lowdown on the rising demand of data scientists. If you’re already one, or if you’re still testing the waters, we’ve compiled a list of resources where data scientists interact, share industry news and events, and even post job opportunities.

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Site Link Subheading Ads? Description Topics
Data Science Central The Online Resource for Big Data Practitioners Y Community Forum
Community currated content/ articles
Big data, Hadoop, analytics
The Information Advisor Guide to Internet Research Y Newsletter
Industry data
Search strategies, research tools
KD nuggets Data Mining, Analytics, Big Data and Data Science Y Articles, Webcasts
Job Postings
Industry News
Calendar of industry meetings and conferences
Data mining, software, data science, analytics
MarketingExperiments N Online research laboratory that publishes its findings through journal
Posts blog posts/ articles
Lead geneation, consumer insight studies, data analytics
Data Community DC N Articles, blog posts, newsletter
Workshop signups
Industry News
Calendar of Industry Meetings and Conferences
Data science, big data, analytics, Hadoop
InfoWorld Y Articles, research papers Computing, Technology
Popular Mechanics Y Articles How to, Tech, Science, Space, Cars
Web Analytics World Y Articles, Video Guides Tech, Data analytics, marketing, site optimization etc
Analytics Talk Digital Analytics for Business N Personal blog of Analytics Advocate at Google Justin Cutroni Digital, data analytics
TechRepublic Y Articles, forums, newsletters
Online trade publication/ social community for IT professionals
Tech, data, top tech companies, cloud
Optimize Smart N Blog by Himanshu Sharma PPC, SEO and analytics
All Analytics The Community for Data Management, Business Intelligence, and Analytics Articles, blog posts data managment, analytics
Information Management Y Articles, Web Seminars Big Data, Analytics, Data managment, infrastructure, data governance
TMCnet Y Articles, news, blog posts, webinars
Calendaryof industry events
Tech, data, mobile applications
Online-Behavior Marketing Measurement & Optimization Y Articles, Guides Google Analytics, Users’ Content Engagement
Search Engine Watch Y Articles Search engines, analytics, PPC
Predictive Analytics Times The predictive analytics professionals’ premier resource Y Articles, videos
Radar Insight, analysis and research about emerging technologies N Articles Emerging tech, data, design, programming, web platform, data monitoring
SmartDataCollective The World’s Best Thinkers on Data Y Articles Business Intel, data management, analytics
Data Mining Research Research, applications, news, people, trends Y Articles, blog references, Data analysis, big data, analytics