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Critical Mention and the Internet of Things

By April 30, 2015February 5th, 2021Media Monitoring

In recent months, the world’s biggest brands, from Google and Intel to IBM and GE’s “Industrial” Internet, have announced billions of dollars of investments into the “Internet of Things.” The Internet of Things has become so popular, that in the past two weeks, there have been more than 50,000 mentions across TV, Radio, Online and Social Media sources.  



As the “Internet of Things” continues to develop, our lives will continue to seamlessly overlap with connected systems, services, devices and “things” to support work and daily interactions. This “anytime, anyplace” connectivity for all things, brings Critical Mention and our own position in this highly complex and interconnected environment under study.

For more than a decade, Critical Mention has invested, developed, tested, launched and maintained a highly resilient infrastructure that helps define the “Internet of Things.” We’ve made TV (and Radio, Social Media and Online Sources) searchable in real-time by every spoken word. More than 40 hours of TV and radio is digitized every 60 seconds – allowing the broadcast medium (the world’s leading news source) to be connected to “anytime, anyplace.”

The realization of having hundreds of data centers across four continents is complex given the need to work across interconnected systems – multiple devices and varying formats accessing the Internet – and our own web-based application. As we continued to add on additional content sets, Online News Sources, Twitter, Social Media, and real-time global content, special considerations needed to be made for security and privacy.

In early 2013, we scaled our massive infrastructure to fully leverage cloud hosting – while enabling hybrid resiliency and data backups in our datacenter (located next to Wall Street).

In early 2014, we added online news monitoring sources to our content set. Several months later, Analytics were added to help visualize and measure millions of daily mentions.

In December 2014, Critical Mention was awarded the UK government’s Great Tech Award, under the category, “Internet of Things.”  Prince William, His Royal Highness, the Duke of Cambridge and New York Mayor Bill DeBlasio, presented the award to Critical Mention’s CEO Sean Morgan.  Recently, Real-time Twitter data and social media monitoring were added to Critical Mention’s award-winning media monitoring services

As the “Internet of Things” is defined and fully takes form – Critical Mention will be there to provide real-time TV and Radio data from millions of global news sources – including Online News and Social Media sources.