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Good Social Media Strategies to Improve SEO

By October 18, 2019Social Media

You may have heard the controversy among media professionals about whether or not social media affects search engine optimization. While mentions and engagement do not directly impact SEO, what’s within the content can. 

More specifically, encouraging link shares should be the ultimate social media strategy that organizations use to boost SEO. Marketing and social media pros should take advantage and tend to the symbiotic relationship between social media and SEO. Both social posts and search engine results are available to mass audiences, which means your organization’s search rank can improve with the right techniques and content strategy. 

In essence, implementing the following social media strategies with SEO in mind can indirectly amplify your brand visibility and bring more prospects to your website. 

1. Optimize Your Social Media Pages

First, enhance your social presence by providing consistent branding across your social media pages. Take advantage of the educational impact social media has on users by effectively sharing your brand’s message through clear descriptions, consistent logos and similar design elements. Doing so is a step in the right direction toward dominating social media

The goal is to attract, inform and convert followers, influencers and like-minded business individuals, making them feel as though they can relate to your organization. Whether your audience is B2B or B2C, providing the right elements to create this connection is pivotal in influencing them to engage with your brand on social media. Plus, solidifying your brand’s message shows social media users that your organization is legitimate and credible because it cares about its reputation across all social platforms. 

2. Craft Creative Social Posts

Once you’ve established your brand across social media, you’re ready to move onto content generation. Put yourself in your audience’s shoes when brainstorming content ideas. Consider what content they’d like to see and how your products might be useful to them. A great way to attract audiences is by creating social media videos. Viewers more likely to remember your posts and ads if there are visually appealing photos or videos included. 

In fact, A Brain Rules study claims that visual pieces of information are 65% more likely to be remembered, as opposed to text-only adverts.

Providing engaging visuals are great a great strategy and so is creating link opportunities. Your organization should write social media posts that link back to your site, blog, landing pages, and more. Keep your audience demographic and preferred post length in mind before scheduling posts. Doing so will increase the likelihood of your viewers sharing your post and clicking your link.

3. Build Social Media Partnerships

Now that your social sites are established and your social posts are tailored to your audience, it’s time to build relationships across social media. Fostering partnerships on social sites can take time. A few ways to get started are to like, share and comment on related posts. Observe the social media tactics of the social users you’d like to share your content. Then, analyze what content they often engage with and share. Once you’ve formed a professional relationship and have identified the types of posts your social partner shares, ask them to share your content. For example, if you see they tweet other business shoutouts every Thursday, send them a message on Monday asking if they can shoutout your organization and include your link that will be relevant to their audience. 

How They Improve SEO

Optimizing your social media pages, crafting engaging social posts and building social media partnerships are a few simple ways to encourage social media users to share your links across their social sites. The more contributors share content that links back to your site, the more link clicks your company will receive. While mentions themselves don’t do much for SEO, link clicks from your social media shares will have an impact on it. Therefore, it’s very important to focus on creating attention-grabbing content that’s relevant to users. When search engine sites like Google and Bing see that your site keeps getting many sessions and views, your organization is more likely to see an increase in search rank.

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