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Let the Out of Office Messages Begin

By May 25, 2017September 23rd, 2019Public Relations

Memorial Day Weekend heralds the beginning of the summer vacation season and the prospect of getting away from it all for a week or two. This year, instead of setting up the same old boring out of office email, you may want to consider issuing a press release to your clients and colleagues prior to your departure. Feel free to use the following as a template.


PR Specialist Becky Jones to Take Week Off
Will not be checking email or answering work cell phone

New York, NY May 25, 2017— Becky Jones, PR Specialist at Life’s a Pitch Communications, is on vacation from today, May 25, through June 4. Jones and her fiancé, William Rich, will be visiting Southhampton for the duration of the week.

Unable to be reached for comment, Jones’ latest Instagram was captioned “time for some much needed spa, sun and shots with bae #sorrynotsorry #outoftheoffice.”

Jones was heard stating last week that she will not be checking email or answering her work cell phone during her vacation period. “I’m at the mercy of clients 24/7/365, I deserve some me time.”

Sources close to Jones say that she is hopeful that clients avoid crisis situations, including recalls of faulty products, public meltdowns by CEOs and tragic lapses in customer service until her vacation comes to an end.

Bonnie Callous, Executive Vice President at L.A.P. was cautiously optimistic about Jones’ decision to take a full week off but had some concerns about Jones’ desire to “unplug” during the trip. “I’ll be following Becky on Instagram and Snapchat. I’m sure each and every movement will be well-documented, so I’ll know exactly when she’s reachable. I hope she has a wonderful time.”

Jones expects to return to the office tanned, rested and ready on Monday, June 5.

For additional information contact:
Becky Jones
[email protected]

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