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5 Ways to Improve your Online Reputation

By September 10, 2019Public Relations

In today’s digital world, many people seek the answers to their most important questions online. Therefore, your prospective clients are likely to conduct online searches to learn more about your brand.

With that said, your online presence plays an incredible role in your organization’s reputation. Maintaining a successful online reputation can boost credibility and increase sales. If you’re not sure where to get started, there’s no need to worry. We have put together five different ways you can improve your online reputation so you can help grow your brand.

1. Maintain a Unified Brand Message

Next, try to deliver a single, consistent message through your content that expresses the benefits of your product or service. A good way to start is by consistently posting blogs that share industry top practices. Your blogs should be resourceful and beneficial to the reader in order to create a connection of common interest between your brand and the reader. If you’re not sure where to start, we recommend investigating the trends and patterns of your competitors. Doing so can help influence content ideas and strategies to make your content stand out above theirs.

Also, other great resources to add to your website are eBooks, case studies and white papers. Adding such content to your site will give readers an in-depth perspective on what your organization has to offer. For example, you can create a case study where you interview one of your current clients on how they utilize your product. Providing first-hand evidence as to how your organization helps others is a great way to showcase your company. Plus, case studies provide an excellent opportunity to display the value and reliability behind your product.

2. Have an Awesome Website

First, it’s incredibly important to make sure your site is mobile-friendly.

According to Pew Research Center, 81% of Americans own smartphones.

Assuring that your site is user-friendly-especially on mobile- should be at the top of your list when putting together an awesome website. Keep in mind that your site will serve as a 24/7 educational hub of what your organization has to offer. It will likely be the first impression prospective clients get of your company, so use it to your advantage and shape your site to help generate business.

3. Engage with Online Users

Once you start generating content, you’ll start seeing an increase in online engagement. This can come in the form of blog comments, tweets, shares, chat messages, etc. Whichever way the message comes from, it’s best to always respond to and acknowledge these online engagements. Social media plays a big role in improving your online reputation. You can use a social media monitoring tool to keep track of who’s talking about your organization so you can respond and show them and other prospective clients that you’re serious about your business and spreading its message. The more people talk positively about your brand, the more likely you are to increase your brand awareness and get online influencer interactions. 

4. Be Consistent to Stay Relevant

All of the previous steps are important, but perhaps the most important ingredient that makes them successful is consistency. Keeping track of your online presence is a must. Stay consistent by updating your website during new releases, responding to blog comments as they come in and answering live chat questions directed from your website and social accounts.

Yes, consistency takes time and hard work, but the results are definitely worth the time. Doing so can maintain your brand’s relevance in your industry, which can help retain customers in the long run. The goal is to provide the online experience you want your clients to see. Keeping up with these practices is a great way to maintain that goal.

5. Monitor your Online Reputation

Ultimately, your organization should take advantage of sharing its good mentions and stay aware of its bad ones. Controlling your reputation across the web can be tricky, but it’s definitely possible to manage. Because your online reputation relies on you having to monitor many sites, channels and platforms, we suggest looking into a reliable media monitoring platform that can help filter all of your mentions into one place.

Until next time!

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