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Why It’s Important to Track Social Media Mentions

By September 5, 2019Social Media

Social Media’s popularity is growing faster than ever before.

Whether you’re a social media pro or new to the industry, it is pivotal for organizations to keep track of their social media mentions. Here are five reasons why:

Brand Awareness

To start, social media mentions provide great brand-building opportunities. Users are statistically more likely to be captivated by mentions as opposed to posts directly on your social channels. Regardless of whether brand mentions are coming from established companies within your industry or just a satisfied customer,  mentions always have the potential of influencing customer buying decisions.

According to a Mention Me study, 71% of consumers would rather discover brands themselves through channels like friend recommendations on social media, browsing in-store or online searches, as opposed to traditional forms of push advertising. 

Having others talk about your company on social media helps build credibility. It’s best to stay alert because any kind of mention can play a role in impacting your brand’s reputation. 

Influencer Impact

In today’s social media culture, influencer marketing plays an incredible role in capturing the attention of potential customers. Popular influencers within your industry are likely to already have your potential clientele in their list of social media followers. Therefore, it is crucial for your organization to have the ability to monitor and access real-time social media mentions so you can instantly track earned media. 

If you accrue positive influencer mentions, your organization is on the right track to increasing it’s visibility. Ultimately, it’s best to stay on top of your mentions and make sure you and everyone talking about your organization are positively sharing your brand’s message.

Sentiment Monitoring

An integral part of capitalizing your social media mentions to their fullest potential is to be able to have access to sentiment analysis.

For example, if an influencer Tweets something great about your organization, others can re-Tweet and like it all across the site. This is something you’d want to get your hands on, right away, while it’s still trending. If your Twitter account is suddenly being flooded with negative mentions, you should definitely rely on the ability to track those mentions in real-time as well so you can implement instant damage control.

Having the ability to monitor sentiment analysis provides a direct insight into how people feel about your organization. It also provides context as to how prospects are viewing your brand across social media sites. Ultimately, it can serve as a PR safety net in the event of bad mentions. Especially if you are subscribed to a platform that offers real-time alerts.

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