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Twitter Drives TV and TV Drives Twitter – See where your story or ad starts and where it goes

Critical Mention, the global leader in real-time TV intelligence today announced the integration of Twitter into its real-time media monitoring solution.

With the addition of Twitter, Critical Mention subscribers can now view real-time social results combined with real-time television, radio, and online news in an all-in-one media platform. “Only Critical Mention can tie together the depth of live television and Twitter in real-time” said Critical Mention CEO Sean Morgan. “Critical Mention surfaces not only hits, but analytics to provide instant snapshots as Twitter or TV or both explode with relevant coverage.”

Critical Mention allows users to search global TV, radio, online news, and social media, watch video, edit and share coverage, receive real-time alerts, build reports, analyze coverage, gain insights through social listening, and integrate TV data into business apps, all at the speed of live media coverage.

“The correlation between TV and Twitter is paramount to our client base as is the ability to track the path of news related to their people, products, competitors, and legal and lobbying issues. The addition of Twitter gives our clients a complete view across the entire media spectrum,” said Client Services Manager Matt Darling. “With advanced search filters, superior sentiment analysis, real-time alerting, reporting and easy exports of charts and graphs, this is a true real-time early warning system that lets you know when to take action.”

Critical Mention subscribers with a single click can benchmark against competitors, drill in on stories with negative and positive sentiment, spot themes using word clouds, and visualize density of global media coverage on maps across the entire media spectrum.

Critical Mention’s global infrastructure, indexing nearly 40 hours of Live TV and Radio data every 60 seconds across 3 continents, greatly enhances the utility of broadcast data for enterprises and business intelligence applications, enabling the real-time search and analysis of every word spoken on television and radio.

“With TV being the most powerful, pervasive and persuasive medium forming public opinion, the introduction of real time TV and Radio data from around the globe will add significant value to most every big data analytics application,” said Critical Mention VP of Product, JJ Pullaro. “Now, with the addition of Twitter, Critical Mention is delivering instant, real-time correlations and evidential analytics on how these two mediums drive each other.”

About Critical Mention

Critical Mention is the leading global media intelligence platform combining real-time broadcast, online and social media coverage with advanced analytics. Founded in 2002 in New York City, Critical Mention is a unit of privately held Critical Media, the leading broadcast intelligence and Services Company. For more information, visit or Follow us on Twitter @CriticalMention.

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