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Critical Mention, the company pioneering the entry of TV and Radio into real-time media monitoring, business intelligence, and big data applications, with more than a dozen API partnerships adding live TV into cloud computing, is thrilled to announce the addition of instant analytics for thousands of public relations and marketing clients subscribing to Critical Mention.

Instant Analytics are now available to Critical Mention subscribers on the search page and are enabled by checking the box labeled “Display Search Analytics” (See screenshot below). Once selected, a new interactive line chart will appear. Users can zoom in and out, and select any point on the chart to update and filter the search results. Users also have the ability to visually analyze historical events and uncover previously unknown or spontaneous events. With real-time insights from TV, radio, and digital sources, from Twitter, social media, and print to news sites and blogs, Critical Mention provides instant and shareable reports, including charts and graphs, in one easy-to-use interface.

“We’ve been the go-to provider for real-time media intelligence going on 14 years,” said CEO Sean Morgan. “Thousands of media professionals, from the very largest, to the very smallest organizations, rely on our infrastructure for real-time media tracking and validation. There’s also thousands of news producers from across the world connected to the same real-time infrastructure, with the same goals and objectives. This new feature allows subscribers to search the world’s news by any keyword, receive instant insights, narrow results, and export search analytics in just a matter of seconds.”

During beta testing, financial services organizations tracked stock trends, releases of earnings reports, industry news and market trends. Local and national government agencies tracked natural disasters, outbreaks, and department initiatives. Public Relations, advertising and marketing agencies tracked client campaigns in real-time for new opportunities, followed news about scandals and events and viewed competitive media activity, such as price changes, promotions, and product releases. Editors and reporters also used the Critical Mention platform to provide their readers and viewers with innovative views of the conversations and stories being shared around the globe as they occurred.

2,000 organizations, including more than 100 media companies, use Critical Mention to analyze how news travels and is reported on. Broadcasters and online media companies frequently use Critical Mention to enhance real-time news reporting, citing stats such as number of mentions and audience numbers.

“If audiences are talking about and sharing a story, publishers and media companies of any size can extend the value of their content, especially when public relations and marketing professionals can validate and report on the value of their campaigns,” said Dane Wiseman, Director of Marketing. “It’s culturally relevant to be invested in what the media says about the things that matter most to us…our city, state, country, organization, or religion. When you search and analyze the news in Critical Mention, you’ll better understand it.”

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