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NEW YORK, OCTOBER 8, 2017Critical Mention integrates massive amounts of international online news feed into its full-service media monitoring and measurement platform.

Critical Mention today announced that it has added more than 700,000 international news, blog and social sources from over 273 countries in 91 different languages to its media monitoring platform.

This addition expands Critical Mention’s industry-leading content set to include millions of new sources that clients can search and be alerted in real-time. “The world is growing smaller by the day and news travels around the globe more quickly than ever before. We see global content as a “must-have” for our clients and for that reason, we’ve made it a part of our service at no additional charge” said Don Yount, CEO of Critical Mention. “As the leading worldwide real-time aggregator of live television and radio content, we knew it would make sense to offer similar best-in-class capability and speed for global online news as well” he added.

After nearly tripling the amount of online news available in its platform, Critical Mention now aggregates, on average, more than 71 million articles per month from more than 1.2 million online sources. Clients still receive real-time alerts within one minute of story ingest in addition to the 1.5 million hours of broadcast and 500 million tweets searched and alerted in similar fashion each month.

Critical Mention’s clients include public relations practitioners and marketing professionals who need to see all their online news, television and radio, and social media coverage in one fast, intuitive and easy-to-use platform. Clients use this content to spot trends, analyze, report on and refine on their media relations efforts.

Vice President of Client Relations, Matt Darling, stated: “Even with the dramatically increased amount of content, clients will still have the lightning fast ad-hoc searching performance that sets Critical Mention platform apart from our competition, saving them tons of time so they can focus on important work.”

See Critical Mention at the PRSA International Conference in Boston, October 8—10, 2017.

About Critical Mention
Critical Mention is the leading global media monitoring platform combining real-time broadcast, online and social media coverage with advanced reporting and analytics. Every day, Critical Mention collects and indexes online news articles, social media posts, and broadcast programming so that communications and public relations professionals at corporations, non-profits, and marketing agencies can stay on top of their media coverage. Founded in 2002, Critical Mention is headquartered in New York City. To learn more, visit

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