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Bottlenose Offers The World’s First Real-Time Analytics For Broadcast Data, via Critical Mention Integration

By March 25, 2014February 12th, 2021Press Releases

Real-Time TV & Radio Data Can be Analyzed and Correlated in the Same Manner as Social

LOS ANGELES, March 25, 2014 —  Bottlenose, the first provider for Trendfluence™ discovery in social and business data streams, today announced a partnership with Critical Mention, the leader in broadcast intelligence. The partnership unifies analytics of real-time trends in TV, radio, social platforms like Twitter and Facebook, online news and blogs. For the first time in any application, customers can see real-time broadcast and social trends analyzed in the same tool.

The integration of Critical Mention’s API lets Bottlenose users identify TV and radio segments that are driving spikes in social conversation or are resulting from trending topics in social, and watch or listen to them. This allows marketers to immediately assess where conversations begin, morph, extend and fade.

“TV is the largest advertising spending medium in the United States and continues to outperform online advertising channels. Yet despite its value, marketers and advertisers are still mostly blind to trends in broadcast streams,” said Nova Spivack, CEO and co-founder of Bottlenose. “Our partnership with Critical Mention gives marketers a new breed of insights that help them measure the resonance of their brands across live radio, TV and social media. For the first time, marketers can track and analyze trends across all media in one place.”

The Immediacy of Social Analytics Applied to Broadcast and Audience Data

Bottlenose leverages Critical Mention’s ability to ingests 40 hours of video per minute. The Critical Mention broadcast data firehose is searchable in real-time thanks to closed-captioning and speech-to-text software. Bottlenose then applies its streaming data classification and trend detection functions to find a brand’s most pertinent and influential mentions on TV and radio, in real-time.  Broadcast trend analysis is further enhanced by high-utility supplemental data such as estimated viewership and ad equivalencies embedded in Critical Mention’s stream.

This vast broadcast data stream poses the same challenges as social firehose streams like Twitter. It is difficult to isolate actionable trends from noisy firehose data of any kind . Bottlenose solves this problem by ingesting Critical Mention data in the same manner as social data, giving marketers a first-of-its-kind trend intelligence dashboard to analyze social and broadcast data in the same way.

“Bottlenose has done a beautiful job integrating the Critical Mention API to prominently display relevant broadcast coverage and related topics in a Sonar format that’s so powerful it’s almost addictive, said Dave Armon, president of Critical Mention. “The TV and radio layer had been notably absent from all social media listening applications. Bottlenose is addressing a major gap in the market.”

Partnership Yields Deep Trending Insights Into 98% of TV & Radio Broadcasts in Critical Markets

The new service, which is live today, provides marketers with real-time insights into what’s trending for their brands, across 2,000 broadcast outlets in the United States, United Kingdom, Canada and the Middle East. Simultaneously they can also see how their presence on broadcast is resonating with their presence on social media, and vice-versa.

The Bottlenose integration of Critical Mention’s API allows trend intelligence to be performed on both broadcast programming and unconstrained social conversations at the same time in order to seek correlations and resonance between them. As media channels collide and marketing tactics converge,there is a new opportunity to track cause and effect across channels, said Spivack and Armon.

With this announcement, Bottlenose is taking its first steps to diversify data sources beyond social, making the company a first mover in stream data intelligence, not just social intelligence, said Spivack. The company will progressively add new data streams later in the year to help companies get an even clearer picture of their market, its behaviors and opportunities.

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About Bottlenose:

Bottlenose is the first innovator to focus exclusively on Trend Intelligence from stream data sources. Bottlenose Nerve Center™ provides an enterprise-grade, real-time dashboard for discovering, tracking, and acting on influential trends as they form and spread in social, broadcast, and enterprise data streams.

Bottlenose was founded in 2010 by serial entrepreneur, Nova Spivack, and Web technologist, Dominiek ter Heide. Bottlenose has offices in Los Angeles, New York City, and Amsterdam.

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About Critical Mention:

If it’s on TV, we’ve got it. Critical Mention is the clear leader in broadcast intelligence, with more than 1,500 clients and 4,000 desktops. The Critical Mention platform provides 24/7 blanket coverage of television and radio, capturing, digitizing and indexing in real-time 44 hours of live broadcast programming from more than 2,000 channels in all 210 U.S. DMAs and four continents every 60 seconds. Founded in 2002 in New York City, Critical Mention is a unit of privately held Critical Media, the leading broadcast intelligence and services company. For more information, visit


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