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Top Ways to Improve Brand Reputations

By February 20, 2020Media Monitoring

Organizations and businesses must find ways to keep audiences engaged with their brand. One of the key ways reputable companies grow their brand is by pointing out the relevance and similarities between their brand and their audience. Some audiences seek out metrics and analytical data while others look out for media mentions via TV and radio shout-outs, online attributions or social media tags, tweets and posts. Whichever way your audience chooses to engage with your brand, your organization should have the ability to identify the sentiment behind digital engagements.

Measure Your Reputation with Sentiment Analysis

We’ve all heard of the saying that goes, “All publicity is good publicity.” 

However, if there’s anything the past decade has taught us, it’s that this isn’t always true. Understanding that, businesses should be able to identify what kind of sentiment is associated with their brand’s mentions across multiple media types and channels. 

Your brand’s reputation heavily relies on the impression your organization projects to its audiences. In business, opinions play a big role in shaping reputations. Reputations can be formed throughout the entire consumer journey. If someone is trying to buy your product, they can leave a broadcast, online or social review on their buyer experience, a mention on the product itself or a post on the overall service your company provides. Organizations need to be able to track sentiment analysis and see that all mentions are positive. Even negative mentions can be eye-opening and give companies a heads up on a developing crisis or areas where they can improve their service. 

Provide Instant Analytics to Your Audiences

Many organizations and businesses heavily rely on media data and analytics. For example, PR and communications professionals benefit from citing relevant publicity data on social media. Sharing this information – like the earned media value of a recent news story – shows that they are up on trends and can even help establish them as PR influencers.   

This data is also useful for political commentators and news officials in their reporting. Commentators can strongly benefit from being able to track names and mentions to create polls, make voter-popularity claims and provide statistical analysis to their audiences. If a political commentator is tracking broadcast coverage for multiple presidential candidates, he or she can access key metrics and provide data like estimated audience numbers and publicity values to his or her audience across an article, website update, social media account, etc. Having the numbers to back-up your message will help build your brand’s credibility and reputation. 

Leverage Your Media Coverage and Grow Your Brand

Don’t let positive mentions go unnoticed. If someone mentions your business on a broadcast station or tweets about your brand, share that coverage with your audience and show them your brand is recognized and applauded by others. While it’s important to share direct content with your audience, it’s just as important and in some cases more impactful to let the words of others build your brand’s reputation. 

Priscilla Osorio

Priscilla is the marketing coordinator for Critical Mention. Early on in her career, she developed a passion for marketing, writing and anything within the communication field. During her leisure time, she loves to watch her favorite sports teams and explore new restaurants with friends and family.