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Real-time PR and Marketing Tools

By August 10, 2015February 10th, 2021Media Monitoring

Our list of free (mostly) and powerful real-time tools.

With real-time tools, you can immediately know the effects of new campaigns and media coverage. Whether you are monitoring conversations about your brand, or are looking for competitive advantages, here are a few of the ways you might use real-time tools:

  • monitor whether new media coverage is being shared across your top outlets
  • monitor the immediate effects of media coverage from a blog/social network post or tweet
  • monitor conversations as you test key messaging from your brand
  • understand usage of your brand, products and stakeholders through keyword tracking
  • verify that your ad or TV spot ran
  • see whether a one-day promotion is being shared, and which influencers are sharing your content

Our list of 10 Tools:

Company Name Link Site Title Description (Real-time)
Topsy Search and Analyze the Social Web. Search for social posts on Twitter and Google+ in real time and analyze domains, Twitter usernames or keywords.
Unbounce Build, Publish & A/B Test Landing Pages Without I.T. Create and A/B test landing pages that collect real time data and alllow your customers to decide what’s best.
Google Analytics Turn insights into action Measure sales and conversions, track how visitors find your site, and create actionable insights, all in real-time.
MailChimp Send Better Email Implement email campaigns and track their performance and subscriber engagement immediately after they are sent.
Hootsuite Get General about Social Manage and monitor social media networks and collect real-time insights to gauge social sentiment around your brand.
TweetDeck Schedule tweets, manage accounts, and monitor multiple timelines on Twitter in real-time.
Bitly Unleash the power of the link Shorten and brand your links, optimize link performance through Custom Bitlinks, and analyze your engaged audience through audience insight metrics.
IFTTT Connect the apps you love. Aggregate web applications to create “recipes” of apps that can be linked together to trigger and perform actions.
Google Trends Ok not quite real time, but extremely useful.


Our 10th (and favorite!) tool is of course Critical Mention, the most comprehensive Media and Social Media Monitoring (real-time) data set, allowing Clients to discover, share and analyze mentions across Broadcast TV and Radio, Online and Social Media with just a few keystrokes.