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Critical Mention’s Favorite Saved Searches

By March 23, 2015February 10th, 2021Media Monitoring

With the number one media monitoring platform at their fingertips every day, how could Critical Mention’s employees not have their own Saved Searches set up? Here’s a look at what those who use Critical Mention all-day, every-day enjoy tracking the most.

1. Matt Darling- Manager of Client Services

“My favorite saved search is my TV & Twitter search for William Shatner. Not only does this search provide a true real-world use case for Critical Mention’s real-time capabilities, it’s also a favorite because William Shatner is a phenomenal human being (many would argue, the male Betty White) with multi-generational appeal.”

2. Ryan Roberts- Senior Sales Director

Dez Bryant because he’s a beast and the cowboys rule the universe.”

3. Nicole Lennon- Marketing and Executive Communications

New study” gives me a general idea of the latest research findings appearing in the news. The results are so broad that I learn about topics I wouldn’t think to look up on my own.”

4. Nancy Cohn- Senior Director of Renewals

“Here’s how to follow rumors for any company or person:

(“company name”) AND (“possible role” allegations allegation suspected “potential origin” “investigators suspected” accusations “pointing finger” “pointing fingers” “possible source” “could be to blame” “experts suspect” “reports suggest” rumor “rumor mill” “sources report” “sources say” “source says” “source reports” “faked injuries” “faking injuries”)

5. Sherry Randolph- Account Manager

“My favorite saved search is my Twitter search for “Avatar The Last Airbender” so I can see real time tweets of people just like me, who love Avatar. :D”

6. Katie Maul- Marketing Strategist

Trichster– because it allows me to keep track of topics related to my film and the disorder of Trichotillomania, and  so I can share relevant articles on social media.”

7. Dane Wiseman- Director of Marketing

Florida Man, so I can keep up to date with the real-life, and usually terrible, news stories of my friends, family and neighbors.”

8. Charles Goldman- Sales Executive

Manchester City –  because I want to be like them. And I’m always looking out for open tryouts.”

9. Brett Alper- Senior Sales Director

Breaking News” so I can stay on top of everything going on in the world. I like to keep it simple.”

And last, but certainly not least,

10. Ryan Holmes- Account Manager