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Over the past week and across television, radio, online news and social media, media coverage about Critical Mention reached millions of viewers across the world – and our marketing team tracked it all. From a stay of execution in Oklahoma to a top Republican Presidential Nominee, data from Critical Mention was cited using a variety of media types.

In using Critical Mention’s real-time, cross media monitoring platform, our team was able to quickly locate all the media coverage about these stories, add the coverage to a report, and share coverage across our organization. Throughout the day, new mentions were easily added to our report, constantly updating our audience numbers and publicity value.

Our own analysis and path of news tracking found that as both stories originated via online news, news quickly traveled across social media, and across broadcast media: television and radio – on both local and national programming.

What we experienced shows two things: 1) the importance of validating brand messaging and advertising is only becoming more evident. As content is enhanced for targeted readership, a story can easily spread like wildfire in a very short amount of time. And 2) every media type can be tracked and measured with the right tools, so that you can monitor these instances in an organized and helpful way.

It’s an exciting time for marketing and public relations professionals, and your organization can use a media monitoring and analytics tool like Critical Mention so that when your brand is mentioned, you’re already on top of it and can easily showcase your results across your organization (the marketing team got a high-five from our CEO!).