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We’re sponsoring the 2015 (and hopefully 2016!) NIOA Training Conference, Here’s Why:

National Information Officers belonging to both local and national government organizations rely on Critical Mention to verify the accuracy of information across all media types and to stay on top of news in real-time (just like PR & marketing pros!). So, we’ve also conducted weeks of research to deliver you common saved searches across Critical Mention users and job responsibilities for public information officers. As PR and marketing professionals, there are many key takeaways from studying adjacent job functions. Here are some from government communicators:

  1. Always verify the accuracy of information
  2. Stay on top of news in real-time
  3. What to track:
    1. Names and related acronyms
    2. Leadership
    3. Spokesperson (or PR Team)
    4. Key events, conferences and outreach
    5. Awards
    6. Affiliate institutions
    7. Large scale initiatives

With hundreds of local data centers across the U.S., Canada and Europe, and global data partnerships, Critical Mention has the most comprehensive real-time coverage across TV and Radio, combined with digital sources from news sites, social media and blogs, allowing you to track the stories that matter most to you. As a professional communicator in marketing, PR, or information services, you can easily leverage this massive data layer with our easy-to-use web application. Jump into the Critical Mention platform, or check out some of our free resources to get you started:

Learn how you can incorporate tips and tricks for Public Information Officers into your own PR and marketing strategy (Are you interested in research tips, real-time data and tools, content marketing, and campaign governance? This e-book is for you): Download the PIO Field Guide (Industry e-book)

Common Local Government Searches

State – Name of State
– Key elected officials/ leadership (Governor)
– Large scale initiatives and programs by government officials and departments (Educational programs, housing, environmental)
– Key parks and tourist attractions
– Key departments
– New or recently passed legislation
County – County Name
– County Elected Officials: County Sheriff, Assessor, Board of County Commissioners
– City Departments (Fire, County Sheriff)
– Scandals, recent news and events (ongoing societal issues, recent strikes etc)
– County health and emergency services and medical centers
– Large scale initiatives and programs by government officials and departments (Educational programs, housing, environmental)
City – Name of City (None of these words: traffic, weather, forecast, rainy, sun etc.)
– City’s main governing bodies (City Council)
– City Departments (Fire, Police, Education)
– City Leadership (Mayor, City manager)
– City’s key departmental figures and officers (PIOs of Fire department, Deputy Chief)
– Large scale initiatives and programs by government officials and departments (Educational programs, housing, environmental)
– City hosted conferences and large scale events/fetivals
– City transportation services
– Regional health issues and scares (diseases)
– Scandals, recent news and events (ongoing societal issues, recent strikes, important court trials, etc.)
Police – Department name(s)/acronyms
– Current leadership (Chief, Deputy Sheriff etc.)
– Main spokesperson, Public Information Officer
– Key events, scandals
– Distinguished officers (awards, etc.)
– Affiliated institutions and divisions of the organization


Don’t know what a PIO does? Here you go:

Personal Background Education B.A. in Journalism
Company Title Public Information Officer
Company Name The City of
Industry Government
Job Salary ~$40,000 – $80,000 Annually
Responsibilities – Facilitates communication between the city, the community and the media
– Acts as spokesperson for City government
– Conducts media interviews
– Crisis and issues communications
– Writes and reviews press releases, advisories, public statements, feature stories
A Day in the Life – Reads newspapers/ scan all national media outlets and compile set of media clips for boss and rest of staff to review
– Briefs boss on what’s happening in the news
– Drafts press release
– Communicates with media on his boss’ position on ongoing debates and events

– Answers reporters’ questions on phone
Role/Supervision Reports to Communications Director
Goals and Challenges – Verifying accuracy of information
– Staying on top of news in real time
Hobbies and Interests Associations National Information Officers Association (NIOA)