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Jelly Marketing: Why Marketing Agencies Should Track Media Coverage

By September 19, 2019Media Monitoring

Who is Jelly Marketing?

Jelly Digital Marketing & PR is a one-stop-shop online marketing agency in Fort Langley, British Columbia. The award-winning, Canadian-based agency, a Critical Mention client, provides agile and responsive public relations, content creation, digital advertising and SEO solutions to those in Vancouver and the Fraser Valley area. We spoke to three of their team members about the firm’s core values, how they use media monitoring, trends in PR and more!

Our proactive approach to digital marketing allows us to provide comprehensive amplification for the brand’s we partner with. Using innovative strategies and cutting edge ideas, we are able to leverage multi-platform audiences to garner success. We love what we do and How we do it!

What are Jelly Marketing’s Core Values?

One thing we love about Jelly is that, just like Critical Mention, they’re committed to providing top-level service that focuses on credibility and client satisfaction.


“Fairness, Prudence, Humility, Temperance, Courage – these 5 pillars define the employees we hire, the clients we work with, and the culture we’ve created.”

What are the latest PR Trends?

Trends within the PR industry are ever-evolving, so keep up with the latest PR principles to ensure maximum reach and client satisfaction.

With the changing media landscape, the ability to earn coverage requires that much more creativity! One of the biggest trends we’re seeing is a shift towards Opinion articles. This is not only a great opportunity to control messaging and provide an entirely self-written article to a publication, but this also helps a lot of publications that are understaffed and need stories! Even better – your client gets a byline with the publication, and maybe their headshot included as well!

How does Jelly Marketing use the Critical Mention platform?

Jelly Marketing has been using Critical Mention since November 2018. Since then, we’ve been happy to provide them earned broadcast, online and social media coverage so they can keep up with their clients’ mentions.

Critical Mention has been an invaluable tool for our team. The platform’s incredible monitoring capabilities has supported our team’s efforts in all areas. Using customized boolean searches for each client, we’re able to stay up to speed on all media mentions and hits pertaining to our client and their competitors. The easy-to-share reports allow up to share real time progress on client campaigns and even link directly to broadcast and radio coverage. These reports have been a vital resource towards our team’s continued success.

When we asked Darian Kovacs, Jelly Marketing’s founding partner, what they utilize our earned media monitoring for, he said, “SO many things – reporting, keeping up on notices and alerts when our clients land features – and it organizes all the press hits so well!”

How Does Earned Media Benefit PR?

We’ll let Jelly Marketing answer this one for us:

You never want your clients seeing media coverage before you – so the ability to monitor in real-time allows our team to be proactive, consistently providing real-time updates to clients on campaign progress and ensuring we’re ahead of the game. This is also vital in moments of crisis communications, in the unfortunate circumstance where a writer speaks negatively about your client. Immediate action and response plans will only be effective if you are closely monitoring messaging.

What makes Jelly Marketing stand out among competitors?

“Jelly’s unique service offering makes us stand out among our competitors. The combination of SEO, Digital Ads, PR and Social Media allows us to be a one-stop-shop for clients. We’ve also added an education arm to the business when we launched Jelly Academy! The Academy allows our team to educate small business owners and entrepreneurs so they can be better equipped to run their marketing campaigns.”
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Priscilla Osorio

Priscilla is the marketing coordinator for Critical Mention. Early on in her career, she developed a passion for marketing, writing and anything within the communication field. During her leisure time, she loves to watch her favorite sports teams and explore new restaurants with friends and family.