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How Top Streaming Services Are Performing in Earned Media During the Pandemic

Streaming services like Netflix, Hulu and Amazon Prime Video have provided worldwide entertainment to people living in quarantine. Television shows and movies are a great way for people to unwind from the work-from-home life and get “away” for a couple of hours while remaining in the comfort and safety of their own homes.
Because social distancing is the key practice during isolation, friends and family members have found ways to still have movie nights and talk about their favorite shows while streaming them simultaneously. With that said, many news organizations, online articles and media sites have been perpetually discussing the role streaming services play throughout the pandemic.

Critical-Mention-Online-News-AnalyticsThe analytics gathered from the Critical Mention Earned Media Suite show which streaming services have been mentioned the most within the past four days across online and publications such as online newspapers and magazines, blogs and forums. The data shows that Netflix has received over half of the mentions across online news sites in the past week, followed by Hulu and Amazon Prime Video. Netflix also received more publicity and higher audience numbers. 


Critical-Mention-TV-AnalyticsWhen analyzing TV earned-media analytics for the leading streaming services, we found that the earned media buzz around the services differed from the results shown in the Online News section. While more people and organizations talk about Netflix on online publications, the data shows that Hulu is most spoken about across television stations. Hulu takes on 87.5% of the streaming services’ TV mentions; with Netflix and Amazon Prime Video, both, receiving less than 7%. Given the data presented, we can all conclude that streaming services have received a great amount of attention and publicity during this time.

Earned media monitoring’s role in public relations is critical in this day and age. The consumption and output of media is increasing, making it very important to track and receive instant alerts on your brand’s coverage across TV, Radio, Online News and Social Media.

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