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EKA: How Media Monitoring Aligns with Strategic Communications


Who is EKA?

Englander Knabe & Allen (EKA) is a strategic communications firm in Southern California that specializes in assisting organizations with reputation issues, media strategy and implementation. EKA is a leader in providing public and private sector experience and assistance when making critical decisions.

“EKA is a government relations and public affairs firm specializing in political consulting, government relations, policy issues, and crisis communications strategy.”

What are Your Favorite PR Trends?

Just like Critical Mention, EKA follows the latest trends that aim at improving and maintaining brands. Having access to real-time media monitoring allows EKA to provide clients with instant news.

“Reputation management and crisis communications is something our firm is continually engaged in. It’s one of our favorite trends because it keeps us on our toes. You can never anticipate when a crisis or story will hit, so using our expertise and skills to help clients navigate through the PR process in light of a scandal or incident is exciting. We also like to prepare companies, associations, and public figures for future crisis by providing a crisis communications strategy and having them be ready to handle any scandal or issue that they may face in the future.”

How does EKA Utilize the Critical Mention Platform?

EKA and has been using Critical Mention since 2017. We’re always happy to provide our media monitoring services so they can provide excellent service to their clients.

“EKA has 100+ clients that touch a multitude of industries. We always need to be aware of what’s happening in certain industries, if our clients are being named in stories (either positive or negative), and any new stories or breaking news that touches our client or the Los Angeles region. We also are able to pull media reports for clients to let them know what stories are out there. Having Critical Mention notify us when stories are immediately being published has been extremely helpful.”

How Effective is Earned Media in PR?

Ninety-two percent of consumers say they trust earned media over purely promotional content – via iScribblers

“Earned media continues to be very effective, especially since we are always connected via social media. If people like a product/service and write positive reviews online (either in a blog or social media), it will most likely influence others who come across the product/service”

How Do You See PR Evolving in 2020?

Every new year comes with new PR tactics and strategies. Make sure you have the right tools to take on 2020.

“The need for a crisis communications plan will continue to grow in 2020 as any incident caught on camera can make or break a company or individual. It’s important to be prepared and have a plan in place to ensure that you can overcome any PR crisis that may come your way.”
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