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Go Viral in 2020 with Real-Time Media Monitoring

By November 18, 2019Media Monitoring

Earned Media provides an abundance of PR and marketing advantages to many businesses, organizations and individuals. Stay a step ahead of your competitors in the new year by using lightning-fast media monitoring to go viral. 

Boost your Brand Awareness

The great advantage of having access to real-time media monitoring is that you can get notified of your specific mentions seconds after they appear on tv, radio, online news sites and social media channels. Instant notifications provide the opportunity for you to always be on top of who’s talking about your brand. Receiving instant alerts is key to boosting your brand’s name. If an influencer positively mentions your brand or its products on Twitter, for example, you can instantly reply and keep the conversation going in real-time. However, you’re less likely to have that opportunity if you don’t have immediate access to such important mentions and shoutouts because you’ll likely miss the response window. The same goes for mentions across all other mediums. Therefore, monitoring your media in real-time is a powerful solution for amplifying your brand.

Expand your Audience Reach

Keep track of trends across various mediums with an all-in-one earned media platform. Stand out among your competitors by having access to sentiment analysis, audience numbers, publicity values. You can control the content your brand chooses to publish and promote, but you can’t do the same for the content that others post about you. Whether or not you agree with PT Barnum’s “there’s no such thing as bad publicity” concept, it’s critical to have access to mentions and sentiment data. The additional reach brought by media mentions can be highly beneficial. If you get continuous alerts that an online publication is promoting your brand in their blog posts, consider returning the favor by sharing their posts or mentioning them in your articles if relevant. Following this trend can lead to the creation of great partnerships and more eyes on your brand.

Increase your Credibility Level

If there’s one thing all organizations need to succeed in their marketplaces, it’s credibility. Consumers are attracted to making purchases from dependable brands. Keeping track of your mentions is a great way to see what PR and marketing efforts evoke positive responses. Doing so allows PR and marketing pros to be able to clearly identify what strategies to continue practicing and which ones to toss aside. The greatest benefit from this is having others see your brand’s positive mentions across various platforms. Chances are more people will positively talk about your brand if they see others doing the same. In that case, get started and generate conversations and brand credibility by enhancing your media strategies in 2020.

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