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Crocodile Video Goes Viral for GoPro and Everglades Outpost

By March 24, 2014February 5th, 2021Media Monitoring

GoPro receives a lot of earned media coverage from antics involving their cameras. So when a volunteer at the Everglades Outpost in Florida strapped his GoPro onto an eleven-foot pool, the chances of his footage being viewed online were fair.

That was until a monster crocodile started attacking the GoPro.

Since that video was uploaded online, it has gone viral, making its way across online, social and TV:

  • GoPro + Crocodile have been mentioned more than 262 times on TV since March 19, 2014. The first mention was from Raleigh-Durham, NC at around 11:16 PM EST.
  • In that same time period, GoPro + Everglades has been mentioned more than 202 times on TV.
  • Sports Authority has also been mentioned 49 times, since the GoPro was purchased at one of their stories.

Even though this is an earned media success for the public relations team over at GoPro, there are several marketing insights to be pulled from the local news coverage. Many of the anchors covering and commenting on the story had great taglines and testimonials to share. In sum, the GoPro can go just about anywhere.

A few other gems:

“Put them on just about anything”

“You can take them places any other camera can’t go”

“It’s an action camera!”

Here’s sample TV coverage mentioning GoPro, Everglades Outpost and Sports Authority:

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