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TV is tops in McKinsey news consumption study

By May 20, 2013February 17th, 2021Traditional Media

tv tops mckinsey


While many of us are tethered to smart phones from the time we awaken each morning to the time we plug our handsets in for an overnight battery charge, a new study shows that consumers spend much more time consuming news through platforms other than mobile.

McKinsey data show 41 percent of news consumption comes from television, 35 percent in newspapers and magazines, and 16 percent in radio and other audio. Smart phones and tablets each account for 2 percent of time spent and desktop/laptop 4 percent.

For PR professionals debating the merits of mainstream earned media, the results are important.

When you measure news consumption in the U.S. by time spent, rather than raw audience numbers, digital platforms are getting only 8 percent of the action, according to McKinsey.

Poynter Institute researcher Rick Edmonds did an analysis of the McKinsey findings, contrasting them with other recent studies. His findings are worth a read.




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