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How to Know When You’re Mentioned on Social Media and What to do About it

By September 18, 2019Social Media

Organizations are often looking for ways to stay relevant online. Given social media’s continuous rise in popularity, some of its top platforms provide great opportunities to expand your company’s online interactions. From engaging with partners to collaborating with influencers, social media marketing provides an abundance of social networking opportunities that could help increase your brand awareness.

We urge organizations to leverage social interactions to maximize brand growth. As your brand awareness and social media presence expands, it’s critical that you have a way to keep up with everything that is being said about you on social media and online.

How to Know if You are Mentioned on Social Media

To start, your organization must first have social accounts already created and established. Once that’s set, other users can mention you in their posts, tweets and so on.

A real-time media monitoring platform can alert you to all of you mentions in one platform. This is essential because it can save you a great amount of time from having to log into each account and review notifications or search for mentions where other users might have typed your name but not your account’s tag name. Plus, aligning with a media monitoring service is beneficial because they can provide additional search methods such as specific keyword searches and important analytics.

Today’s organizations should be able to track mentions and receive instant alerts. Social media monitoring is crucial for tracking positive earned media coverage as well as managing potential negative publicity. Let’s say your organization wants to track Facebook mentions. Social media monitoring can search across all Facebook posts and comments on pages it monitors. Then, you’ll have all of your earned coverage right at your fingertips.

What to Do When You are Mentioned on Social Media

Once you have access to all of your earned media coverage, it’s time to analyze what mentions you’d like to take on first. Each instance of earned media can vary in sentiment, length and popularity. With that said, you’ll have to find different ways your brand will approach negative, neutral and positive feedback.

One common factor you should keep in mind when replying to any mention is to respond promptly. Don’t miss a positive mention and find yourself responding to them days later because you don’t have real-time social media mention alerts. Negative mentions also need instant responses. You should be the first to respond to a negative mention because it is much easier to contain any conversation that could potentially harm your organization before it gets wider exposure.

Ultimately, social media monitoring is a crucial piece of PR and communications today. It’s a necessary tool for organizations looking to move up their social media game. Make sure you can access comprehensive coverage and analyze its performance, follower count and sentiment analysis. Doing so will help keep you on top of what’s happening in our vast digital world.

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