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5 Celebrities That Are Crushing it on Social Media

By June 13, 2019July 30th, 2019Social Media

Over the years, social media has changed the way we interact with celebrities. Now we get a sneak peek into their daily lives. From Rhianna and Ryan Reynolds to LeBron James and Bill Gates, here are our top picks for celebrities that are crushing it on social media.

Rihanna never misses an opportunity to share with her fans. Not only does she share often, but she also shares openly. Her fans love getting her unfiltered thoughts and uncensored selfies through her social media channels, such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. She is one of the most transparent celebs out there with what it’s like to be in the spotlight. Rihanna holds one of the top spots on Facebook and is also one of the most viewed stars on YouTube.  

The fact that a YouTube video called “Top 10 LeBron James Funny Commercials” exists should tell you something about his history of using humor as a way to build his brand. One of the best examples of James’ showcasing his sense of humor was his commercial with Jim Parsons for Intel. Not only was the commercial funny, but it also demonstrated James’ willingness to laugh at himself, an endearing trait that many celebrities don’t possess.

Beginning with the launch of “Keeping Up with the Kardashians” in 2007, the Kardashian family has since become a powerhouse on social media. Each of the Kardashians started their own brands outside of the show–from makeup and clothing to their apps–and have taken personal branding to a whole new level. A great tactic they use is posting both private and promotional content. Recently, Kim Kardashian alone is reported to make $1 million per Instagram post.

Even though Bill Gates stepped down from playing an active role from Microsoft in 2006, by no means has he lost his influence, mostly thanks to his new role as the world’s most well-funded humanitarian. Anybody who monitors his Twitter feed see his efforts–from working to wipe out tuberculosis in Third World countries to leveling the playing field for under-funded teachers–Gates uses his online presence to truly makes a difference.

Ryan Reynolds is known as one of the top Twitter influencers. Not only is he authentic, but he’s also downright hilarious. From trolling Hugh Jackman to posting relatable content on being a husband and father, he’s got the whole Twitter community laughing. He also uses Twitter as a means to speak about environmental activism and climate change.

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