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15 Social Media Trends to Follow in 2019

By April 17, 2019April 21st, 2021Social Media
Social Media

Today, nearly 90 percent of companies are using social media marketing and Dreamgrow reports over 60 percent of customers expect companies to offer customer service through their social channels. To help you create your social media marketing strategy, we have 15 of the top social media trends you need to follow in 2019!


1. Transparency

With the data privacy scandal that rocked Facebook in 2018, transparency became a critical social media trend this year. Social media monitoring tools can assist with these issues by detecting a crisis with up-to-the-minute alerts to help companies find solutions to communicate with their internal and external stakeholders at a moment’s notice.

2. Brand humanization

Marketers who want to strengthen relationships between brands and followers must humanize content to make it more appealing. For this reason, a lot of businesses started hiring professional writers or writing agencies to craft unique content strategies and deliver compelling social media posts.

3. Personalization

If you want to prove that real people are working behind the curtains, you also need to personalize your messages. The goal of social media marketing in 2019 is to tailor content to fit the interests of specific users or micro-groups.

4. Closed groups

Major networks such as Facebook or Instagram have already launched a new feature that comes in the form of private and closed groups. It’s a huge trend because it enables businesses to build closer relationships with fans and drives additional engagement.

5. Employee advocacy

We all know the potential of influencer marketing, but another effective tactic is to turn your employees into brand advocates. They have an insider’s view, allowing followers to understand how things work behind the scenes.


6. Conversational commerce

It’s always nice to have a human touch, but it isn’t always possible, especially for smaller organizations. Fortunately, a large portion of modern communication is now automated thanks to the incredible rise of chatbots, like MobileMonkey. This new technology enables 24/7 availability. It also stores user-related information that your sales agents can use to approach potential customers and seal the deal.


7. Stories are omnipresent

Snapchat’s story feature has gained incredible traction since its release. It is essential that brands take advantage of Facebook, Snapchat, and Instagram stories. Brands should also remember that YouTube and WhatsApp are projected to launch their own stories in the near future.


8. Organize quizzes

Not many types of social posts are as successful as online quizzes. They are simple and easy to administer, fans love them and you can easily collect tons of valuable user-related information.


9. Vertical videos

Do you know that 91 percent of users access social platforms via mobile devices? It’s a colossal figure that clearly shows you have to optimize video content for the mobile experience. Video production is a complex process, but the best start is to shoot vertical videos that fit the average smartphone’s dimensions.


10. Live video

One of the best ways to achieve personalization is streaming live videos. People love when there is a genuine feel, making this strategy critical to your social strategy.


11. LinkedIn images

LinkedIn has always been recognized as a place of high-quality educational articles. However, a newer trend is to emphasize aesthetically pleasing logos, like Logaster, and cover photos on your profile.


12. B2B platforms

We can expect that LinkedIn and Twitter are going to keep growing and gaining more influence in the B2B market, so you want to keep these two channels top of mind when developing your strategy.


13. Interactive Instagram stories

You can boost your Instagram stories; engagement if you inspire users to tap or swipe through the content. To do this you can add graphics, emojis, filters, and similar details.


14. Podcasts

Podcasts are not a new trend, but they are so popular that you certainly don’t want to miss the chance to capitalize on this format. It’s an excellent solution for brands with busy consumers who can afford to listen to the content, but don’t have the time to watch it.


15. Thumbnail unification

If you have a YouTube channel, you should consider unifying all thumbnails to make them instantly recognizable. You will strengthen your branding and maximize your chances of prospects discovering your content.


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