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Your Summer of Opportunity

By July 7, 2017February 12th, 2020Public Relations

It may seem like the PR world comes to a halt in summertime. Everyone is either actually on vacation or mentally on vacation. Plus, the office AC is cranked too high, your commute is sweaty and your company doesn’t offer summer Fridays. All of this misery adds up to one thing: Opportunity.


First off, you’re right, things do slow down. And so does the volume of story pitches. Which means editors may be more receptive to your stories, even if those stories were previously rejected or simply didn’t seem relevant enough during busier news cycles. Publications need content every month of the year, so maybe it’s time to resubmit or pitch something new before things pick up again.

While you’re at it, you may want to take those editors out for a drink or meet up for a long lunch. Those who are in the office during slow periods probably have some extra time on their hands— use it to build relationships and have some fun. And hopefully when things get hectic again your phone calls and emails will get returned faster (or just returned, period!).


But don’t let only your external contacts have all the fun. Use the summer to get to know your co-workers better as well, especially the ones who you’ve had minimal contact with. Better rapport with your team means a better office environment all year long, and possibly friendships that you will maintain throughout your career.

And last but not least: hit your competitors hard! Maybe they’ve fallen into a summer daze and are letting some initiatives fall through the cracks. Make some calls. Steal some clients. Show them that you’re on it 12 months a year. After all, this is your summer of opportunity.


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