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Top 7 Communication Resources

Books, webinars and podcasts have risen in popularity now that more people are spending time indoors. As PR pros work from home, now is a good time for them to sharpen their communication and public relations skills through educational resources. Even though many public meetings, events and conferences have been canceled, communication is still evolving.
Communications pros should continue to stay on top of trends in communications, with clients, prospects, the media or colleagues during this time. They should also prepare for what communication will be like after the pandemic has ended. Though there are many wonderful resources out there, we’ve chosen to share a few of our favorites that we think could help you communicate throughout every phase in this unforeseen time.

1. PR Week Webinars PRWeek_CriticalMention

Take that extra bit of time during your workday to enhance your communication and PR skills by tuning into PR Week’s Webinars. You’ll find webinars discussing how current events influence changes in communication and how to adapt to those changes. PR Week webinars also cover topics such as how to network, tips on managing your employees and how to increase productivity levels.


 2. Talk Like Ted

If you’re in the communications field, chances are you’re working largely from your computer these days. Take a break from staring at the screen and open up the Talk Like Ted book. Ted Talks have been a popular educational resource since they kickstarted their presentations. Dig into nine public-speaking secrets, and learn how to use them to your advantage when communicating in front of large crowds.

3. PRSSA Webinars

PRSA’s student-geared webinars on PRSSA provide great tips and guidelines on how to get started with public relations. With that said, if you’re looking to grow your brand, brush up on media ethics and improve your writing skills, PRSSA Webinars are the perfect fit for your learning needs.

4. The New Rules of Marketing & PR

“The New Rules of Marketing and PR” provides great tips on how to confidently market your brand. This book will help you keep up-to-date with the latest trends in PR, social media, marketing and video/audio recordings. Open it up and discover key ways to make strong-lasting connections with your audience.

5. The Definitive Book of Body Language


If there’s one thing every PR pro knows, it’s that communication isn’t singular; it can be expressed in many different ways. Whether or not you attend in-person or virtual meetings, it’s very important to pay attention to body language. Oftentimes, body language can give more insight into how a person is feeling than the words that individual is speaking. This book is a great resource for PR and media pros and anyone looking to improve their communication skills.

6. The Art of Public Speaking

Some of the best-known speakers from around the world feel nervous and anxious before presenting to audiences, but somehow they seem to pull it off without any indication of fear or tension. This book will help you transform your jitters to excitement so you can feel confident and give successful speeches.

7. Future PRoof Podcast

Right now, it’s best to think ahead and see where your brand will be whenever the pandemic is over. Put your headphones on and tune into this UK-based podcast to learn about the future of PR and top media trends.


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