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Holiday Plans… for 8 Brands!

By November 25, 2014July 17th, 2020Public Relations

Thanksgiving is here- a time when family and friends get together to eat, drink, and be thankful. However, the chatter has not been about the parade floats, football, or the dog show this year. Instead, it’s the so-called, “War on Thanksgiving.”

Companies have been strategizing on whether to stay open during the holiday in hopes to remain competitive and beat the Black Friday rush. Other companies have decided that it is best to not force workers to come in on Thanksgiving, leaving them some time to enjoy the holiday with their families.         

Here’s how some brands have fared in the news this week:


Open on Thanksgiving:

Walmart will be open all day this Thanksgiving, requiring almost one million workers to show up. Walmart has been mentioned 13,000 times this week.

Kmart’s doors are opening at 6am this Thursday and will stay open all day. Kmart’s mentions this week have reached 2,444.

Best Buy will open more than 1,000 of its stores from 5pm to 1am on Thanksgiving, and has been mentioned in the news 2,433 times.

RadioShack will open the majority of its stores at 8am and will remain open until midnight in a Hail Mary attempt to remain competitive this Black Friday. Even RadioShack’s news presence has been struggling- with only 445 mentions this week.


Closed on Thanksgiving:

Costco has been vocal about its feelings toward forcing employees to come into work on the holiday. Costco has never opened on Thanksgiving and does not have plans to in the future, allowing it to reach over 5,000 news’ mentions this week of mostly positive sentiment.

Nordstrom is keeping its doors closed this Thanksgiving, waiting until Friday to move onto the Christmas spirit. Their take on “celebrating one holiday at a time,” has led Nordstrom to have more than 2,800 mentions this week.

Home Depot is staying closed on Thanksgiving, waiting until 5am Friday to begin the Black Friday madness. Home Depot has been mentioned over 20,000 times this week.

Lowe’s, similarly, will wait until 5am Friday to open its doors, and has been mentioned 15,600 times this week.