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PR’s a Pitch (Full Brian Steinberg Video)

By January 21, 2014February 17th, 2021Public Relations

In an industry where content rules, getting a brand’s story covered by bloggers and journalists can improve credibility and help to gain awareness.  The first step to a perfect pitch is finding the publication that is most appropriate for the story.

Brian Steinberg, Senior TV Editor at Variety, has provided some words of wisdom for people looking to get their story told. Filtering off-target pitches is daily task, but Steinberg has some tips to avoid ending up in the email trash bin, “The best way to make a pitch stand out, I would say, is to really demonstrate how it plays into a larger trend going on in the business, how it shows something unexpected, how it’s exclusive to Variety and really very ‘newsy.’”

His tips on pitching Variety can be used as guidelines for similar publications as well: “We’re looking for things that are new and different, eyebrow-raising, counter-intuitive, help us get behind the scenes of how business works more or less.”

Brian Steinberg has ten years of experience in advertising and television journalism. He worked with the Wall Street Journal and Advertising Age prior to his current position at Variety and has appeared on “Good Morning America,” Bloomberg TV, CNN and more.


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