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PR Trends to be Aware of for 2021

This year has brought a slew of unprecedented events that have reshaped our society. Many business units are having to relook at how they operate, PR and communications among them. With the knowledge that trends are shifting faster than ever, it’s never a bad idea to be prepared for what’s around the corner. Here are four PR trends to consider for 2021:

1. Short-Form Videos

  • Facebook recently announced its push to try to prioritize videos in their algorithm to promote more “meaningful interactions.” YouTube has also announced its plans for its version of a short-form video platform called Shorts. Taking advantage of these features in their early stages will help you and your organization in the long run. With uncertainty hanging over the future of TikTok, creators are now turning to other short-form video platforms. Just like TikTok, platforms like Facebook and YouTube are providing 15-second videos that users can share with their followers. That’s part of the reason that advertising spend on online video is up 114% since 2014. 

2. Podcasts

Around 104 million people in the United States listened to at least one podcast in the last month and 54% of those listeners say that they consider buying products or services mentioned in those podcasts. There are a number of ways to take advantage of the increasing popularity of podcasts. For instance, starting a podcast for your business can help deliver your brand’s message and reach a new audience base. You can also pitch journalists and influencers to include your organization in their podcasts and then monitor those mentions to capitalize on the earned media exposure. 

3. Social Awareness

The influence of the internet can make or break your reputation if you are not careful. Staying informed on what is going on in society and what is trending in your industry can help prevent your business from falling victim to negative press or mentions. The internet can be extremely unforgiving, especially if your organization is on the right side of a controversy or issue. Track news related to your industry, check out what’s trending and keep track of what your audience is saying to stay a step ahead for 2021. 

4. Virtual Events & Live Streaming

Because of social distancing restrictions and the concern for public health & safety, many industry conferences are being held online now. According to Stacy Nawrocki, head of global product marketing at IBM Watson Media, “As consumption habits change, video streaming technology not only allows businesses to reach wider audiences, it also meets them where they are, across platforms and devices.” The future of in-person events is still uncertain, but many PR and communications pros are shifting gears and reallocating their event budgets by hosting virtual events.

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