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PR Recruiters & Finding a Job in Public Relations

By July 21, 2015May 6th, 2021Public Relations

Sometimes the search for a PR job can be a grueling one. It doesn’t hurt to find a recruiter to help you in the task. At no cost to you, a recruiter will screen applications and resumes to determine if you might be the right candidate for a job position, pitch you to the company, set up an interview, and if a business hires you, the recruiter may get some money! So, they will work hard to help you, but don’t think that means you don’t have to impress them. Recruiters want to gain a reputation for finding quality candidates, so you’re helping to build their credibility, too.

To begin, check the recruiting firm’s website. Some websites clearly state how to submit a resume to their database or explain how to contact the recruiters. If that isn’t the case, look up recruiters on LinkedIn and connect with them, messaging them what job you’re seeking and your experiences (briefly). Thinking of this as a mini cover letter is a good way to start.

Eventually, you should change the conversation from a LinkedIn message to email where you can attach your full resume and continue the conversation more efficiently. Don’t fret if a recruiter doesn’t respond right away or with any jobs for you– you’ll at least be added to their database of connections, and they could reach out to you later with a position that may arise.

Job recruiters often specialize in recruiting for specific fields. We’ve created a brief list of the most successful PR/Advertising recruiting firms around the country to get you started on your job search.

Best of luck!


Name City Website Description Email Phone Resume Submission
Heyman Associates New York, NY
San Francisco, CA Public Affairs & Communications [email protected] (212) 784-2703 Email to: [email protected]
PR Talent Chicago, IL
Los Angeles, CA
New York, NY
San Francisco, CA Public Relations NY: [email protected]
San Francisco & Northwest: [email protected]
Southern California: [email protected]
NY: (646) 595-0138
San Francisco & Northwest: (415) 524-7447
Southern California: (714) 536-0050
Phifer & Co. New York
Los Angeles, CA Public Relations, Advertising, Marketing, Social Media [email protected] NY: (646) 380-5131
LA: (310) 984-6882
Melinda Holm & Associates Forest Park, IL
Chicago, IL Public Relations, Marketing, Advertising [email protected] Forest Park: 708.488.9701
Chicago: 312.924.2829
Wills Consulting Associates, Inc. Greenwich, CT Public Relations, Corporate Communications, Public Affairs [email protected] 203.524.2698
Flesher & Associates Los Altos, CA Public Relations, Marketing and Communications [email protected] 650-917-9900 N/A
TorchLightHire, LLC Alexandria, VA Public Relations, Advertising, Social Media, Management, Social Media [email protected] 703.566.1452 Email to: [email protected]
MJS Executive Search Scarsdale, NY Public Relations, Communications, Marketing, Social Media, Digital [email protected] (914) 631-1774 N/A
Patch & Associates San Francisco, CA Public Relations and Marketing [email protected] 415-353-0272 Email to: [email protected]
Lynn Hazan & Associates Chicago, IL Communications & Marketing [email protected] (312) 863-5401 N/A
Peter Bell & Associates, LLC New York, NY Public Relations & Communications [email protected] (212) 371-0992