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Nightmare on Spin Street

By October 31, 2016July 23rd, 2020Public Relations

Six Scary Things in Public Relations

It was a dark and stormy night, and you were probably still at the office…

1.  The work nightmares.

You walk into a quiet office. The lights are flickering as you walk slowly to your desk. The computer screen flashes on to reveal a never-sent draft of a press release that needed to be up THIS MORNING. You spring awake and check your email, just in case.


2. That email you didn’t mean to reply-all to.

You thought you were sending your witty response just to your co-worker, but your boss now knows your feeling, too. Why!? Why!? Why haven’t time machines been invented yet? You were one click away from avoiding this paralyzing moment of terror.



3. The ominous reminders of work that still needs to be done: BOLD UNREAD EMAILS.

You even got caught up on the train last night. You thought you were ahead. THEY NEVER STOP COMING.


4. The unsuspected twist in your day: a last-minute presentation.

The boss wants a deck for that coverage report you haven’t done yet. Right NOW. The CLIENT is here too! The plot thickens.



5. The well-prepped spokesperson who runs amok: What talking points?

You’ve prepped the spokesperson, reviewed and practiced the message points with them. But now, no one will understand why there are so many off-base quotes in this high-profile media story.



6. The ultimate PR Test: Crisis Communications.

You hoped you’d never need it. But here it is. You need to implement that all-hands-on-deck, no-choice-but-to-fix-this Crisis Plan. The fear is real, but you got this.