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For the Love of #PR – Nine Reasons to Embrace a Career in Public Relations

By February 10, 2018July 24th, 2020Public Relations

February is the month of love, as Valentine’s Day is again upon us.

It’s a time to appreciate not only our loved ones but also a time to appreciate what we love about our professions. In this case, we’re talking about public relations.

What’s to love about a career in PR? Here we look at a few reasons why we love what we do.


1. There’s never a dull moment 

If you’re in PR and you’re bored – why? With all it encompasses – media relations, reputation management, crisis communications, content development, social media management, influencer marketing – and the list goes on – it’s endlessly fascinating. Granted, at times things may move TOO quickly, but you can bet it won’t be tedious.

 2. PR has a bottom-line impact 

Public relations really does affect the brand’s ability to compete in a crowded marketplace. It may not always get the credit it deserves; yet, more and more we see PR being invited to sit at the table with C-level executives. It’s finally gaining respect for its importance in building and maintaining a brand’s reputation and raising its visibility.

3. PR’s not a one-trick pony 

What the PR team does integrates into elements beyond the traditional marketing umbrella it used to sit under. With the rise of content marketing and influencer marketing (which are traditionally in PR’s wheelhouse), the types of activities you get to participate in as a public relations pro expand your skill set and make you a valuable player across many disciplines.

 4. Collaboration is a must 

If you enjoy collaborating with others, PR is a great field to get into. I don’t know of any other role where you get to interact with so many other departments, ranging from sales to engineering to the executive team. If you like exposure to a variety of players across the company, public relations can provide this opportunity. And, bonus—you get to work with journalists, which in itself can be fascinating.

5. Any questions? 

It’s a PR pro’s role to ask questions. You get to put the journalistic training that many a public relations person receives into practice. This means you’re always learning something new. You’re constantly meeting new people and getting a glimpse into what they do. It helps keep the work fresh.

 6. There’s always something to learn 

The public relations industry is constantly evolving. To keep up, you have to always be learning. From the latest solution or platform to how to measure the value of what you’re doing, to how to improve upon your last campaign, the learning never ends. It’s truly an industry that never sits still.

7. Versatility rules 

A career in PR can take many twists and turns. You can choose to work in a variety of industries. You can work with organizations of different sizes from startups to nonprofits to agencies to large corporations. If you try one role and find it’s not for you, chances are there’ll be another that will be a fit. And it’s great to get that experience working at different types of entities. Sometimes, you’ll find it may be better to be a big fish in a small pond – or vice versa.

 8. Storytelling is our game 

Today, storytelling is a buzzword. But, guess what? PR pros have been telling stories for many years, dating all the way back to P.T. Barnum and his ability to spin tales that the media—and the public—ate up. If you like crafting a good story, public relations is the profession for you.

9. Creativity matters 

There are more ways than ever to be creative in PR. Of course, writing and creating content is one way to express creativity, but now, visuals play a greater role in getting the news out. Compelling visuals command focus in a world where attention spans seem to keep getting shorter. This opens up more opportunities for those who want to specialize in the visual side of PR with images, video, infographics and more.

Those are just a few of the reasons to embrace a career in public relations, on Valentine’s Day—or any day.

By Michelle Garrett, Garrett Public Relations

You’ll find Michelle Garrett at the intersection of PR, content marketing and social media. As a public relations consultant, content writer, blogger and speaker, Michelle’s articles and advice have been featured in publications including Entrepreneur, Forbes, Ragan’s PR Daily and Spin Sucks. She was named a Top 100 PR Influencer by Onalytica and sits on the advisory council of the National Organization of American Women in Public Relations (Women in PR USA™).

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