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How to Turn Earned Media into Brand Endorsements

By December 20, 2019January 21st, 2020Public Relations

PR and marketing professionals have the opportunity to expand their organization’s brand reach by leveraging earned media coverage. Earned media is significant for businesses because it is unpaid content that is published by journalists, influencers, reviewers and organizations who have valuable thoughts and opinions about your brand.

An increase in mentions and link shares, especially from reputable broadcast stations, reputable websites and high-profile social media accounts, can have an incredible impact on brand exposure. Most importantly, a positive mention from an accredited person or brand can boost your audience numbers.

Having said that, these three steps will help you prioritize how to work your earned media strategy and turn positive mentions into brand endorsements:


Step 1 – Learn How to Get Earned Media

Earned media has an impact on audiences because it is content about your brand that comes neutral sources, often from people who have had direct experiences with your organization. Lay the foundation for communication and mention opportunities by producing the right content that will make others want to interact with your brand. Doing so will help turn earned coverage into endorsements.

  • Publish newsworthy articles, press releases and blog posts
  • Share company announcements and changes to your business’ platform or products
  • Proactively pitch to journalists who cover your industry or area

Sword and the Script reported that referral traffic from online press releases accounts for just 0.12% of the total, the average session lasted 59% longer and had a 12% higher goal completion than other sources.

Step 2 – Monitor your Earned Media

Keep track of your earned media performance by monitoring sentiment analysis. Doing so helps identify positive mentions you can use to your brand’s advantage and helps you stay ahead of any potential negative feedback.

  • Learn how to improve your brand by observing negative earned media and using it to speak to customers directly or make product changes
  • Use your earned media coverage to raise questions about your brand’s marketing strategies
  • Follow the trends that led others to post positively about your brand

According to Nielsen, 83% of global respondents trust recommendations from people they know, while 66% trust consumer opinions online.

Step 3 – Draw on Positive Media Coverage

Once you’ve identified your positive mentions, it’s time to use earned media coverage in your brand’s content marketing strategy. Online users and writers are always interacting with brands, so be sure you’re able to track your coverage.

  • Share positive mentions and consider using them for testimonials and lead generation
  • Form relationships with people and brands who positively mention your brand 
  • Establish bonds with influencers to expand your audience and brand visibility

Earned media tracking creates opportunities for brands to reach out to customers. It can amplify brand reputations and organizations across all industries. Therefore, monitoring your brand provides opportunities for more elevated customer experiences and interactions.

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