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How to Conduct Skype and Facebook Live Interviews with the Media

By March 20, 2019July 30th, 2019Public Relations
Social Media Interviews

Whether you are an influencer or your job entails promoting a subject matter expert, knowing the ins and outs of how to conduct a social media interview is an essential skill for your earned media goals.

With news media resources continuing to shrink, news organizations find that interviews through social media save valuable time and resources. It can also provide a sense of immediacy during an ongoing media event.

Influencers who know how to successfully conduct a media on Skype and Facebook Live and other social media outlets are more likely to be asked to appear on camera. This can make the difference between getting the interview or not.  So, being a pro at social media interviews can significantly increase your brand mentions. Here are a few essential tips to ensure your next interview with the media is a success:

1. Make sure you have a secure internet or Wi-Fi connection.

2. Keep the background professional, so you have an appropriate look for the interview.

3. Find a quiet location.

4. Contact the producer ahead of the interview for any special technical requirements.

5. Maintain eye contact with the webcam as though you are speaking with an actual person.

6. Do a test run.

7. Make sure you can reach the reporter/producer if something goes awry.

8. Provide the news outlet with a high-resolution headshot in the event the video does not work.

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Jeanne M. Salvatore is President of JMS Consulting a strategic communications firm specializing in media training, life and executive coaching. You can also reach her on LinkedIn.