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How Earned Media Will Impact 2020 Elections


As Election Day gets closer, media outlets focus their news coverage on candidates, polls, debates and issues. Oftentime, media companies are first to get the word out regarding presidential and candidate-related announcements, endorsements and policy updates. Once they share such news with their audiences, whether it be via TV, radio, online news or social media, word gets out and people start sharing posts, links, tweets and so on. As the news sharing spreads, earned media’s relevance and value continues to grow.

How TV Influences Elections

New forms of technology continue to rise in numbers and popularity, but despite an influx of innovative media outlets, television news coverage remains a steady source for political coverage. Many of today’s news stations are transparent with their political preference, often showing affiliation and preference for specific political parties. Either way, such news motivates people to share their opinions and political preference on social media and on comment sections of online articles. Plus, breaking news gives talk-show and radio hosts topics to talk about as well. Those types of “organic” coverage are considered earned media: publicly gained content that is written about you or your brand without paid promotion or advertising.

Top Ways the Media Impacts Politics with Online News

According to Brain World Magazine, a Pew Research study shows that 83% of U.S. adults get their news from Websites/Apps, and 33% of those adults “often” get their news coverage that way.

Links to online news coverage are easily shareable, which make it easy for politicians to build audiences, receive publicity and gain mentions from across the world. Online news is a powerful media source when it comes to spreading political awareness. Politicians can use online news sites to promote Q&As, forums and press releases that help readers understand their political stance and messages.

Social Media’s Role In Election Campaigns

Campaigns make significant investments across social media platforms to increase their reach and audience. Both ads and organic posts provide excellent ways for audiences to hear from politicians in what feels like a one-on-one setting. Social media is so potent, there’s controversy as to how social media sites should regulate content and ads. Regardless, earned social media will play a significant role in which candidates win their elections this fall. As such, a social media monitoring platform that helps campaigns stay on top of what’s said about them can be a valuable investment. The campaigns and candidates that do the best job managing their social presence will, in many cases, have the most success at the ballot box in November.

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