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‘Craptastic’ Infographics Draw Ire of PR Professor and Agency VP

By February 4, 2014February 16th, 2021Public Relations

The poor old press release has been maligned for decades.  Now a beloved newer tool in the PR workshop – the infographic — is being attacked for many of the same reasons.

Boston agency veteran and PR professor Todd Van Hoosear blogged recently about “craptastic” infographics and labeled them “the last gasp attempt of PR and marketing professionals everywhere to control the message.”

Unwarranted venom or justified?

Van Hoosear, vice president of PR & Stakeholder Engagement at HB Agency and Boston University professor, shared his thoughts on infographics and related topics during a recent visit to Critical Mention headquarters in New York. We think you’ll enjoy the video.

In our opinion, many of the barbs aimed at press releases in recent years are warranted because organizations issued them to improve their SEO or earn a bit of ink rather than to truly engage with employees, customers, investors, prospects and other key audiences.  Infographics published in that same non-social, one-way spirit deserve Van Hoosear’s characterization.