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Understand How Online News Tracking Improves Businesses

By December 13, 2019Online News

Many communications strategies can lead to business success. One of the most prominent strategies that helps refine a brand’s reputation and status in its industry is online news tracking. If utilized the right way, you can use the earned media from online news coverage to connect with your audience. Online news tracking is a strategic tool that can help you uncover your coverage and subsequently develop your business communication strategies by taking feedback and turning those mentions into opportunities. Tracking your coverage can help you expand your audience, analyze your content value and track your share of voice over long periods.

Understand Your Brand’s Audience

Online news coverage is nonstop. People are constantly clicking publish, send and post buttons at just about every time of the day. With news content constantly spreading from online newspapers and magazines, blogs, trade publications and forums, it’s important to be able to track your online mentions to see what your audience thinks of you and your brand and to amplify your coverage on your own channels. All businesses should have the ability to track sentiment analysis to see if their brand is receiving positive, neutral or negative mentions. Sentiment analysis can save a business with a bad reputation by indicating customer dissatisfaction within online news.

Also, it’s significant for your business to have the ability to track and analyze audience numbers from the online news your own brand publishes. Another way to fully understand your audience is by monitoring what geographic regions your coverage and viewers are coming from. Keeping an eye on your audience demographics can be useful for influencing future content and sales tactics. Not only is seeing where your audience is from important, but identifying what popular words and terms associated with your searched keywords is useful for identifying related terms your audience members are using. Ultimately, your audience plays an integral part in growing your business, so make sure you have the ability to observe, track and share your audience metrics.

Analyze Your Brand Publicity Values

Establishing publicity value is a PR and marketing pro’s best friend. There’s nothing more rewarding than seeing how much monetary value is being brought from earned online content to your brand. If you have an online news tracking service, you can choose to track your brand from mentions inside and outside of your own business. The greatest benefit of establishing publicity values for your mentions is that you can use that data to show your brand’s relativity and worth to online users. Access to shareable publicity values is essential for showing your colleagues and coworkers that your campaigns are advantageous by showing a high return of investment.

Track Your Mentions Over Time

Great businesses never miss a mention of their brand. To be successful in monitoring your brand’s reputation, it’s paramount that your organization can track mentions individually and in groups of other related mentions for comparison analysis. You should be able to track the amount of times you’ve received mentions daily and have the ability to identify monthly mentions to identify trends. Having access to your mentions over time can influence the effectiveness of your content, audience interactions and campaigns. It can also help prove the efficacy of your PR and communications efforts over months or even years.

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