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How to Get Around Paywalls with Licensed Content

By December 3, 2019May 3rd, 2021Online News

Have you ever clicked on an interesting article that refers to your industry or brand, only to find that you could not finish reading it unless you have to make a one-time purchase or sign up for a paid subscription? Fortunately, there’s a solution.

The rise in online news readers has given online newspaper, magazine and publishing companies more opportunities to monetize digital readership. One way they’ve done so is by limiting their content to the public through the use of media paywalls.

Media Paywalls: Locked licensed news content that is only accessible through purchase or paid subscriptions

Having said that, Journalists and PR professionals now have a harder time accessing earned media coverage. Unfortunately for them, many of today’s major news sources have these restrictions that limit media access, which means media professionals are limited to what kind of content they can share to their brand’s audiences. This is also true of some important industry and academic journals.

Because the content is highly valued, several companies and organizations have put together free trials for users. However, once the free trials are over, users must consider how many paywalls they are willing to pay. Various sources have said that paywalls are great for today’s news companies, and others have indicated that exclusive news isn’t the answer for those in the news industry. Either way, the concept is still relatively new, and has continued to grow throughout the years.

Get Past the Paywalls with Critical Mention’s Licensed Content.

Paying multiple paywall subscriptions can be tedious in the sense that users have to log into each individual one when searching for specific content. It can also be expensive. But until recently PR and communications professionals had no choice but to periodically log into each account and do their own or risk missing important mentions. Fortunately, Critical Mention has enhanced its already robust online news tracking with a Licensed Content offering for those seeking to unlock subscription paywalls and have access to restricted print-only content. Users can access stories from worldwide news sources and industry trade journals with just Critical Mentions login credentials. There is no need to sign into multiple media accounts with different passwords anymore because we make it easy to track content from the most widely-read publications across the globe.

Not only is our Licensed Content product simple to use, but we also provide PR and communication professionals the ability to access magazine and program transcripts from the most popular news networks. Users can track stories from various verticals such as media, finance, law, business and more. Aside from having insurmountable access to trade publications and journals, users can also pull coverage reports, all from inside Critical Mention’s platform. 

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