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What We Can Learn from the Gen Z Generation

By December 20, 2018April 22nd, 2021Marketing

For the past few years, marketers and PR pros have attempted to target Millennials as they became a driving force for purchasing decisions. More recently, Gen Z, born between 1995 and 2018, has become more of a focus for marketers as well. Those at the younger end of the spectrum are just graduating college and entering the workforce, making them a new target audience. As the first generation to be born with the greatest technological advancements of the past century at their fingertips, they are a fascinating generation. Here are just a few things we can learn from them:

Using technology to multi-task

Gen Z spends approximately 10.6 hours per day interacting with online media. This generation’s ability to multitask while on their phones is something all marketers can learn from. Being able to switch gears at a moment’s notice is vital to any marketing strategy. It also makes marketing to this generation tricky. In an oversaturated ad market, promos need to catch their attention instantly, otherwise, they’ll scroll right past your ad to their friend’s birthday party.

Do it yourself attitude

Gen Z is largely self-taught, innovative and resourceful, resulting in a “do it yourself” attitude. Being well-versed with the latest technology helps them experiment with new ideas and start on their own business ventures. YouTube influencers are proof that you can have your own business at any age. Take Ryan’s ToyReview for instance. This seven-year-old makes $11 million a year from reviewing toys. This means that marketers need to use influencers like Ryan to sell their products and create more user-generated content.

Being cool is being yourself

Gen Z grew up in a time of a cultural revolution. Social media has played a large part in this cultural shift. Twitter influencers often have “my thoughts are my own” in their bios. Companies can learn from this by finding their own brand voice and connecting to their target audiences in a genuine way through engaging content, rather than simply pushing ads their way. Participating in trending hashtags is a great way to be part of your audience’s conversations and learning what they care about most.

Here to change the world

This generation grew up with political issues such as equal pay for women, corporate social responsibility and countless others front and center. Because of this, they have become the most socially aware generations to date. Many college graduates are going into fulfilling careers rather than chasing a big paycheck.

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Poorvi Adavi

Poorvi Adavi is a freelance web content writer and editor in South Bay, California. She is inspired by observing people around her and being aware of things happening in the world. She has completed her Masters in Communication from Christ University and also has a Business Management Certificate from UC San Diego.

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