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The Importance of “Being Human” in Marketing

By May 10, 2019July 30th, 2019Marketing

With the rise of AI in marketing in recent years, data-driven decision making has become an integral part of marketing’s fabric. Organizations now have access to endless analytics that helps determine how successful campaigns were and how to refine their strategies going forward. Although this data is critical in monitoring and measuring your team’s ROI, remembering to “be human” in your marketing strategy is essential to connecting with your audience and creating lasting relationships.

Speak to, not at your audience

Speak to your audience like you’re telling them a story over a cup of coffee at a local neighborhood spot. Try not to blatantly sell them your product or service, as that approach can turn potential customers off, especially early in the buyer’s journey.

This rule of thumb applies to all of your platforms–from your website and direct email campaigns to your blogs and social media channels. You need to incentivize your audience to engage with your content by providing educational, topical pieces that address their needs.

This tactic generates brand authenticity and awareness, establishes your company’s credibility and positions it as a thought leader in your industry. For example, case studies and eBooks are excellent ways to showcase your knowledge. They generate web traffic and leads by keeping your content fresh and top of mind when your audience is choosing their solution to address their pain points.

Even with the best campaigns, when your audience visits your site and your message isn’t consistent across the board or you lack an “About Us” or “Meet the Team” page, expect a higher bounce rate.

Put a name to a face

Humanizing your brand is essential to its success. This concept spans across channels and can take many forms. The best way to show there are people, not robots behind your company is to have an active social media presence on social channels that your audience engages with the most.

Here are some ways to “humanize” your brand on social media:

1. Document company social events and get behind-the-scenes photos

2. Use quotes from your staff on their perspective on their department

3. If anyone from your staff goes on vacation, ask to use their photos

4. Highlight staff changes like new team members or notable promotions

5. Get senior leadership involved in their thoughts on your industry

Measure your success

Using real-time media monitoring allows you to connect with your audience. You can measure your campaigns by using media monitoring tools and reacting to your campaign’s success in real time. With this information, you’ll know what type of personalized content is working and what to refine in your strategy going forward and continue building your community.

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