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How Amplifying Your Media Coverage Can Build Your Brand

By October 11, 2019Marketing

Today’s organizations can help build their brand by garnering and distributing earned media, because earned media can have significant influence on brand reputation. The more positively covered your brand is – and the more you share and distribute that coverage – the better your organization’s public perception will be. Paid and owned media are important, but brands can get tremendous value from disseminating earned media coverage and encouraging others to do the same.

Earned Media Builds Brand Credibility

Reviews are a relatively new but extremely important type of earned media. Share your reviews and testimonials to bolster your marketing efforts. In doing so, you will encourage other customers to leave good recommendations and reviews about your products as well. Whether it’s a word-of-mouth recommendation or an online one, earned exposure through reviews impels others to consider your services and gives you credibility over your competitors. Plus, when clients share their customer experience with their audience, your organization’s reach will broaden and you will gain additional exposure.

According to a Nielsen study, about 83 percent of people completely trust recommendations they get from family and friends.

Familiarity attracts prospects, and when their peers share information about your organization, it helps elevate your brand. Also, organic mentions help prospective customers find legitimacy within your products and its services. So share your earned media because it serves as an excellent marketing practice that naturally attracts and influences audiences across all mediums. 

Earned Media Provides Better ROI

Earned media, by its nature, provides a better return than paid media because it’s free. It also has an advantage over owned media in that your organization did not have to put in time to create the media content. These inherent advantages can be leveraged to save time and money.

There’s Evergreen Media in Earned Media

Magnify your brand’s message by strategically weaving your mentions into multiple marketing tactics. For example, if a customer of yours writes an article about top PR agencies and mentions you in the copy, quote his or her mention of your brand in your next blog post. If you think they’ll be willing to share more positive information, contact them and work together to publish a case study. The more your earned media is shared, the more attention your brand gets. This kind of positive earned media qualifies as evergreen content because your business can always benefit from good mentions being out on the web, no matter how much time passes.

With that said, keep an eye out for mentions to share earned media and maximize your brand exposure. Doing so will create evergreen media that will always be relevant to your prospects and current customers. Plus, sharing positive earned media can particularly help display a timeline of how long your organization has been successfully satisfying its customers.

Earned Mentions on Social Media Increase Brand Popularity

Invest in sharing your earned social media mentions across multiple channels to broaden your reach. Not only will you benefit from promoting earned mentions to your audience, others can share and retweet your earned mentions with their followers. Therefore, it’s important to share mentions that others will find relevant, informative and exciting. Make it a goal to influence industry pros to share your earned media with their audiences so you can harness your popularity potential.

In addition, if you’re starting to build your brand from scratch, ask your employees to become social media advocates for your brand. Doing so will help spread the word of your brand to each of their individual audiences. If your organization is partnering with other businesses, ask your partners to spread awareness of your brand on their social sites. In return, you can do the same and then both will benefit off each other’s social media practices.

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