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4 Types of Video Content That Convert

By May 2, 2019July 30th, 2019Marketing
Video Content

YouTube is now the second-largest search engine behind Google, so it’s no surprise that 95 percent of viewers are more likely to remember a CTA after watching a video compared to 10 percent reading it in text format and marketers increasing their video marketing efforts in recent years. So if you are creating more video content or thinking about it, we wanted to share six types of video content that will help convert your prospects into leads.

1. Testimonials

Who better to tell your story than a satisfied customer? Once you establish a relationship with your customer, you can reach out to them and ask if they would like to speak about their experiences on camera. With a combination of verbal and non-verbal cues, video testimonials are a natural way to promote your product or service. Promoting these testimonials across various social platforms generates brand awareness and creates the potential for more brand advocates.

2. How-to’s

Giving your audience an insider’s view without the added pressure of being solicited is a great way to attract potential leads. The key to these videos is confidence. The more your audience sees your company as an authoritative figure and thought leader in your industry, the more likely they’ll convert in the future. These videos are a great way to show off your product or service beyond what your audience sees through your daily social posts. You have the opportunity to show how your product solves your audience’s pain points, and a strong CTA at the end of the video helps seal the deal.

3. Behind the scenes

Shooting behind-the-scenes videos are an excellent way to humanize your brand. Showing your company’s culture, from social gatherings to events, often generates a ton of engagement.  Demonstrating brand authenticity builds trust and credibility with your audience.

4. Roundups

Roundup videos are typically four minutes or less that provide brief topics like an overview of breaking news in your industry for the week or new features to your product or service. This particular format is successful is because it’s short, sweet and cuts through the clutter. You expose your audience to a lot of information at once, and you can further establish your brand as a thought leader.

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PJ Taei is the founder and president of Uscreen, a video monetization platform that allows businesses and creators to launch their own OTT platforms, and monetize their content online.